Tennessee Man Discovers Least Effective Way to Haul a Propane Tank

When a man from Bradley County, Tenn. isn’t using his minivan to carpool the soccer team to practice or take the gang on a road trip, he’s using it for more traditional means. Like hauling his leaking propane tank down the road.

When area police encountered a minivan driving on the street with a propane tank hanging out the rear, practically scraping the pavement, they smelled propane. Officers pulled the man over and discovered that there was actually a leak in the tank. Even though he took out the passenger seats, the man had such a struggle getting the tank into the car that he popped a hole in the tank. His solution? Plug the hole with a golf tee and proceed on down the road.

Once officers called in the fire department for back-up, authorities secured the leak. The man, who had MacGuyver’d the tank into his car by fastening it to the steel base of his minivan floor, was cooperative and was not charged. He was, however, asked to get a trailer for the rest of his trip.

It’s one of the most basic rules of the road: if you can’t shut all of the doors, you’re not ready to leave the driveway. Especially when the doors won’t close because of a leaking propane tank.


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