Vidme Wants You to Quit YouTube Following Monetization Controversy

Video-sharing site Vidme has capitalized on the recent controversy surrounding YouTube’s new advertising-friendly guidelines, releasing a profanity-laden video encouraging YouTube users and content creators to join their site instead.

In a video titled ‘A Very Important Message From the Humans at Vidme,’ the site responds to the recent uproar regarding YouTube’s alleged crackdown on the videos it allows to be monetized, which has seen the company update its guidelines to inform content creators that the site may demonetize videos using “vulgar language” or covering “controversial or sensitive subjects and events.” Though YouTube’s parent company Google has insisted that the site’s policies regarding advertiser-friendly content have remained the same, many content creators have expressed concerns that the site is now becoming more strict when it comes to enforcing these policies. Before long #YouTubeIsOverParty began trending on Twitter, with many discussing how they would leave the site if YouTube began demonetizing videos at will.

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Now Vidme has stepped in to try to lure these disenchanted YouTube creators to its site, releasing a video explaining how the site wants you to “give us your fucking profanity” and “your Goddamn sexual humor” while displaying an image of the Statue of Liberty as ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ players in the background. Finally, the video encourages viewers to “start your fucking awesome channel today” on Vidme.

Regardless of the amount of controversy generated by YouTube’s new advertiser-friendly content guidelines, it’s extremely unlikely that a considerable percentage of the site’s users will make the transition to the site. Though Vidme has had a strong couple of years, with it securing $3.2 million in extra funding back in 2015, YouTube is such a monolithic presence on the internet that it can stand to make a plethora of divisive decisions before they would have any notable negative impact.

Regardless, it’s still fun to see a company sticking its boot into a competitor, and Vidme has certainly laid down the gauntlet with