Camp City | Make Your Bed Outside

Photo:  Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury (Getty Images).

Skip the tent and fall asleep with the stars as your nightlight. Only during these warm summer months is it actually conceivable to not bring shelter with you when you head to the forest. Granted, due to bugs or even shade, you may very well decide that the tent is coming, and that’s fine. But either way, we suggest taking advantage of the climate and setting up a place to lay your tired head outside.

Some of our favorite camping brands have you covered for summer camping, ensuring maximum comfort when sleeping outside. The Maine Heritage Cot from Byer of Maine looks like something you might see in an episode of Mash, but this pop-up is totally modern. Designed to keep you about 2 feet off the ground, the wood frame has a covering of strong polyester to create a comfortable sleeping surface. 

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If you’re really up for a sleeping situation out of the ordinary, make sure to pick up a pro-grade hammock. The Roo Hammock, by Kammok, is made of proprietary fabric, called LunarWave, that is lightweight, tear-resistant, breathable – and it can accommodate two people. Add the Dragonfly Ultra Light 360 Insect net (designed to perfectly accommodate the Roo) to keep the bugs away, and catch some Zs in the trees. 

Whether it just be for a nap, or all night, sleeping out in the open space will be a relaxing treat you will surely be glad you took advantage of.