Donald Trump Supporters Trash Custom T-Shirt Store’s Yelp Reviews After “F*** YOU” Message

Update: Bang-On T-Shirts released a statement regarding the incident via Facebook, writing: “We, at Bang-On Custom T-Shirts, would like to apologize for our previous employees actions at our San Francisco location. Their actions and opinions in no way reflect our training or policies. We have since terminated this employee.

Original Story: “We would like to ensure you that we do not and will not tolerate such behavior towards our Customers and will always take the proper actions to resolve the situation. We value all our Customers patronage and hope that this incident does not prevent you from returning to our stores.”

Original Story: Donald Trump supporters have trashed the Yelp page of a custom t-shirt store in San Francisco, which has been accused of writing the message “FUCK YOU” on the back of a Trump fan’s shirt.

A YouTuber going by the name of ‘EmperorTrumpeter2016’ claimed that he had visited the Bang-On t-shirt store in order to get a Trump shirt printed, but was met with an unfriendly response after making his order. “They asked me what kind of t-shirt I wanted, what kind of colors, what kind of font and everything… so I get a Trump shirt,” EmperorTrumpeter2016 said, adding: “So they give me dirty looks, and they say ‘Why do you want this shirt?’ They give me all these questions and everything, but I pay and so they start making it.”

EmperorTrumpeter2016 says that upon returning home, he realized that the shirt featured the word “TRUMP” emblazoned across its back as he had requested, but that the words “FUCK YOU” had also been printed inside it. Needless to say, he claims that he hadn’t requested for this addition to be made. Check out his video below:

He then posted the video the Donald Trump subreddit r/The_Donald, which in turn led to many Trump supporters taking to Bang-On’s Yelp page and submitting negative reviews. The store, which previously had a 5-star rating on the user review site, has fallen to a 2-star rating since the video was uploaded. The vast majority of the negative reviews were posted today, the day on which the YouTube video was posted.

Here’s a selection of the one-star reviews that have been posted to the site since the video was uploaded, many of which now directly accuse the store’s owners/staff of being racist. No accusation of racism was made by the video uploader:

“Went to get a T-shirt made…Then they put “Fuck You.” on the inside of it. Thanks for that. Racist people who work here should be fired! Thanks for letting me put a review on here!”

“My wife’s boyfriend’s autistic son had a custom Trump shirt made here. He had received the shirt and was so excited to get home and wear it, but upon closer inspection it had something very derogatory written on the bottom inside. It literally has “F**K YOU.” written on there, it brought the poor little guy to tears. Beyond disgraceful. His whole independence day holiday weekend has been ruined thanks to Bang-On.”

“What a terrible experience I had here. Ordered a custom shirt and they wrote a racist hateful message inside of the shirt. This store is owned and run by RACIST, HATEFUL LOSERS!”

“They specifically single you out if you’re not the race, sexual orientation, or political affiliation they approve of. Disgusting, horrible, bigots!”

EmperorTrumpeter2016 later uploaded a video which he claims includes the audio of a phone conversation between himself and one of Bang-On’s employees, in which they criticize him for attempting to provoke a reaction out of the store’s staff. 

EmperorTrumpeter2016 said that he didn’t get a receipt from Bang-On, and we have reached out to the store in order to obtain their side of the story. EmperorTrumpeter has compared the incident to homosexual discrimination, writing: “Imagine if a gay person went into a shirt place and got a rainbow shirt and a fuck you was inside it.”

Image Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images / YouTube