All About M.E. | Nothing Says “Summer” Like Hawaiian Shirts

From left, shirts by Penfield, Our Legacy, and Ralph Lauren.

The summer is here, and even though the daily grind continues, long days and good weather encourage us to find tranquility amongst the chaos. Whether you can make your way to a beach or pool, or find yourself stuck behind a desk from dawn till dusk, embody the feeling of fun and freedom by sporting a trendy Hawaiian shirt.

This iconic garment hails from the 1930s when it was known as the Aloha Shirt. Tourists visiting Hawaii would purchase these brightly colored shirts before returning to the States. These shirts boomed in the 1950s and resurfaced in the 1980s with the help of Magnum P.I.

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Tom Selleck’s famous “Jungle Bird” shirt was a regular in the hit TV show that was based in Hawaii. Being a P.I. never seemed cooler. Now, Valentino, Comme des Garcons, and Antonio Marras use Selleck’s shirt as a muse within their collections. This once historical shirt is now a summer essential.

Hawaiin-Shirt-DETAILSFrom left, details of shirts by Saturdays Surf NYC and Gitman.

Brands like Saturdays Surf NYC, Sandro and Anatomica offer a variety of Hawaiian shirts that gives a nod to the past while embracing your sunny future.