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Victoria Silvstedt was born in Sweden and raised in Bollnas, a small village in Northern Sweden complete with a "midnight sun." Read More


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Victoria began alpine skiing at age 5 and went on to compete, but a devastating shoulder injury when she was 16 ended her career. At the time, Victoria Silvstedt was a tomboy who had not even worn a pair of high heels, but Victoria's mother entered her in the 1993 Miss Sweden beauty pageant and Victoria won. She was chosen to represent Sweden in the 1993 Miss World Pageant, making it to the Top 10.

Victoria Silvstedt began modeling for Chanel, Christain Dior and others. She said, "I started very young to model in Paris when I was 18, I remember like starving myself to fit into the clothes.but I never felt like it was my thing. I'm not like a runway skinny model, I'm more curvy. It was torture, I put myself through starvation, you know torturing myself" (

Victoria Silvstedt was invited by Hugh Hefner to shoot for Playboy. Victoria became the 1996 Playmate of the Month followed by the 1997 Playmate of the Year. With her newfound exposure, she became a Guess? spokesmodel. Victoria continued to model, appearing on over 500 magazine covers.

Victoria Silvstedt segued into acting with appearances in "Melrose Place," "Malibu, CA" and the films "Out Cold" and "Boat Trip," starring opposite Cuba Gooding, Jr. She has also worked as a presenter including "Wild On!" and "Project Catwalk."

In 2006, Victoria Silvstedt came out with her own line of lingerie in Germany. "The designs were girly and sexy, just normal cute stuff for every woman."

On top of all that, in 2010 Victoria Silvstedt published her autobiography in France.

In an interview with, she said most people don't think she's bright, "It's obvious people that people think that. You know I don't mind it. I'm just kind of playing it up and enjoying it. I make fun of myself too. I honestly don't really care. Some girls are really sensitive about that, but I know who I am and I have fun. So what if I look like this."

In 1999, Victoria Silvstedt recorded a CD "Girl on the Run" that topped the European Billboard charts. Victoria has said that while she loves singing, it's more of a hobby. "I don't think I could ever make a career out of it."

She speaks English, French, Swedish and Italian.

Victoria Silvstedt was married to Chris Wragge, a former "Entertainment Tonight" reporter in 2000, but the couple separated in 2007.

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Victoria  Silvstedt photo Playmate/Model/actress/singer Victoria Silvstedt was born in Sweden and raised in Bollnas, a small village in Northern Sweden complete with a "midnight sun."
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