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Scarlett Johansson was born in New York City to father Karsten, an architect, and mother Melanie, a producer.

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Though she describes herself as Jewish, Scarlett Johansson celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah. Scarlett has an older sister, Vanessa; an older brother, Adrian; a twin brother, Hunter, and a half-brother, Christian.

Her mother took her to auditions as a child, and Scarlett Johansson made her film debut in "North." Smaller roles followed, including "Just Cause," and "Home Alone 3," but it was her role as Grace MacLean in Robert Redford's "The Horse Whisperer" that put her on Hollywood's map, earning her a nomination for the Chicago Film Critics Association for Most Promising Actress. In 1998, then-13-year-old Scarlett Johansson lost the lead role in "The Parent Trap" to Lindsay Lohan.

More roles followed until Scarlett landed on Sofia Coppola's film "Lost in Translation" opposite Bill Murray. After this movie, Scarlett Johansson's resume became one of a movie star: Michael Bay's "The Island," Woody Allen's "Match Point," Christopher Nolan's "The Prestige," and Joss Whedon's "The Avengers." Due to the success of the "Avengers, " she will earn a reported $20 million to appear in its sequel.

In 2009, she made her Broadway debut in a revival of Arthur Miller's "A View from the Bridge" opposite Live Schreiber, earning her a Tony Award.

Scarlett Johansson does more than act. In 2008, she released an album called "Anywhere I Lay My Head," that mainly consisted of Tom Waits cover songs. She also sang covers for the soundtrack "He's Just Not That Into You" and the documentary "Wretches & Jabberers."

Scarlett Johansson has appeared in a variety of advertising campaigns, including Calvin Klein, L'Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Mango and Dolce & Gabbana.

In 2008, Scarlett Johansson married actor Ryan Reynolds, but by 2010 they had separated and finally divorced in 2011. She's dated Josh Harnett and Sean Penn. Benicio Del Toro joked that he and Scarlett once shared a romantic encounter in an elevator, but Scarlett Johansson denied it.

In 2011, due to fallout from a phone hacking, nude photos of Scarlett Johansson surfaced and went viral. The FBI got involved and later arrested Christopher Chaney of Florida, who pled guilty to computer hacking. Scarlett Johansson claimed the photos were sent to her then-husband Ryan Reynolds three years prior to the incident.

Scarlett Johansson hates the nickname "ScarJo."

She supports the development and aid agency, Oxfam and was its Global Ambassador. Most recently, she spoke at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in support of President Barack Obama.

Scarlett Johansson lives in Los Angeles.


November 22, 1984
New York, New York
Current Town
Los Angeles, CA
5' 4"
Hair Color
Eye Color
Marital Status
Related Celebrities
Dated Jared Leto, Josh Hartnett, Sean Penn; once married to Ryan Reynolds
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