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Born in the Inland Empire, at the age of 8 Sabrina Jane and her family moved to the Morongo Valley, California.

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By sixth grade, it was the sixth school she'd attended. Sabrina always got good grades and a straight 4.0 GPA. She took part in volleyball, basketball as well as dance, art and music classes. Sabrina says she won "many trophies & nerdy awards like chess & memorization." She described herself as a child as a troublemaker and a geek. "Those are the best kind, troublemaking geeks."

Sabrina Jane said since kindergarten she's been used to being the "new girl" that everyone wants to stare at. She used to be shy, but from moving so many times in her life, she stopped caring what people thought, "and I still don't. And I'm still moving."

After high school, Sabrina Jane moved near Los Angeles and got her Bachelor's degree. She says she wouldn't change anything about her life. "It's pretty safe to say I've left an impact everywhere I've been."

Sabrina Jane's nicknames include Beanie, Sabby, Wolverine and Tiny. In an interview with, she said she has a hidden talent, but "I prefer them to stay hidden."

Sabrina Jane has appeared in countless auto magazines, over 50 website features (interviews, online mags, galleries, hosting and bio sites) and numerous fashion shows. She can be seen, for example, in Lowrider, Performance & Autosound, Import Tuner and Super Street. Her measurements are 34-23-33 and she weights 100 lbs. She is a mix of Hispanic, Native American and Caucasian ancestry. Sabrina Jane says she models not because she wants to be famous, nor to be rich. She does it to supplement the income she already has and because she likes it.

Sabrina Jane is also a multimedia producer, apparel designer and photographer. She runs two companies, a design and art consulting company called Sight Candy, and a swimwear company called Acqua Couture. Acqua Couture is geared towards women who want to look sexy, as opposed to "other swimwear companies.stuck in the 80s."

Sabrina Jane is attracted to guys who are "humble and honest, with sexy eyes and a fantastic brain." She says the best pickup line that's worked on her is a simple "Hi." Her turn-offs include arrogance and seriousness and "bossy guys suck" ( And her pet peeve is when "guys don't know how to take 'no' for an answer. I don't like you dude.get over it."

Sabrina Jane describes herself in three words as "Perfectionist, creative, sassy."

She can be reached for photo-shoots on

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Sabrina  Jane photo Model <p>Born in the Inland Empire, at the age of 8 Sabrina Jane and her family moved to the Morongo Valley, California.</p>
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