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Born in New York City, Noureen DeWulf grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Read More


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Her parents are Muslim Indians from Pune. While she was raised in a Muslim family, Noureen DeWulf has said she doesn't follow any religion, but describes herself as spiritual. She is an actress most known for her role on the FX television show "Anger Management."

Noureen DeWulf is known for her comedic works, as well as drama. She graduated in three years from Boston University's School for the Arts and moved to Los Angeles in 2004. With her background and geographic experience, she is "an Indian Muslim American southerner-now west coast lover" (

Noureen said of growing up in a strict Muslim household and then moving to Hollywood, "I realized the value in being true to who you really are. I'm used to being different, in any context" ( She's said about her ethnicity, "I've made a conscience effort to get out of the box and really fight for roles that are not ethnic specific.a lot of films that I've been in have nothing to do with my race. That's really important to me. Yes, I think the more the better. The more diversity that we have in our cinemas is positive for everybody" (

Noureen DeWulf began her acting career in "West Bank Story." She has also appeared in NBC's "Outsourced," "Hawthorne," and "The Hard Times of RJ Berger." Her film roles include parts in "Ocean's Thirteen," "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past," and "The Back-Up Plan."

Noureen said of her role on "Anger Management," "I try to keep a balance between hitting the joke and keeping her grounded. It's a precarious balance, but it's a sitcom format. So that's what I do." And the schedule is hectic. "We don't really rehearse that much on our show. We shoot at such a rapid pace that we pretty much shoot the rehearsal. This is no rehearsal, essentially. We just shoot" (

Though she is married to Ryan Miller, Noureen DeWulf admits she didn't know anything about hockey before she met him. When watching him play, she says, "I try really hard not to get into that superstitious energy. I mean obviously there's been times where my girlfriends and I are watching him play, and all of sudden somebody scores, and we'll switch seats, and say, 'Oh we need to go back to the way we were sitting before because that was more lucky!' In general, there's nothing I really do" (

Noureen DeWulf lives in Los Angeles.

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Noureen  DeWulf photo Actress Born in New York City, Noureen DeWulf grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
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Noureen DeWulf photo Noureen DeWulf photo