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Born in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Michelle Helen Lombardo is probably best known for winning the inaugural Sports Illustrated "Fresh Faces" contest in 2004. Read More


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Her win led to a modeling contract and she appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue the following year.

Michelle said, "If I knew then what I know now, I probably wouldn't have been as hard on myself. I would love to go back in my childhood and be more outgoing and be knowledgeable of everything" (the-trades.com).

A few tidbits: Michelle Lombardo is a mix of Italian and Irish ancestry. During high school, she was captain of the volleyball team. Her measurements are 35-25-36.

After winning the SI competition, she packed her bags and moved west to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. "It's something I always wanted to do when I was little. I loved the movies. I loved going to see them." Michelle Lombardo has since landed parts in the Adam Sandler film "Click," "Entourage," "Californication," the web series "Quarterlife," and commercials for Suzuki and T-Mobile.

Michelle said, "I actually stopped modeling almost three years ago, it was not my thing, but I like photo shoots and I continue to do those.I love creating.I write poems/prose. It is a way for me to get out all that I feel inside. It takes me a long time to finish one sometimes, but when I do I am very proud of them" (myspace.com/girltrashseries).

In 2010, Lombardo was the host for a reality television show called "Stunts and Chaos" on Current TV. Later, she cut and dyed her hair for her role in the musical "Girltrash: All Night Long."

When asked where she sees herself in five years, Michelle Lombardo said, "First off: continuing to work on a regular basis, and I hope to be at a point where I can pick and choose the parts that I want to bring to life." She added, "I would love doing projects that break the mold and push lines and get people thinking. It would be great to shoot a project that takes me out of the country to a place I have never been."

Michelle Lombardo has admitted that she is a klutz and falls down a lot. "I've gotten used to it so it's not embarrassing.anymore."

For fun, Michelle Lombardo likes playing soccer and competes in softball and volleyball. She hikes a lot. "I like being with nature. I swim and do yoga. Also, I am a vegetarian which I guess may help in some way, even if it is just helping my psyche."

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Michelle  Lombardo photo Sports Illustrated model/actress Born in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Michelle Helen Lombardo is probably best known for winning the inaugural Sports Illustrated "Fresh Faces" contest in 2004.
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