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Marisa Lee Bertetta was born in Santa Cruz and growing up considered herself a tomboy.

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She became Marisa Miller upon her marriage to Jim Miller in 2000. The marriage ended two years later, but she kept his last name.) Two Italian modeling agents discovered her at age 16 while she walking through a café in San Francisco.

Marisa Miller appeared in the first issue of Perfect 10. She made the jump into the mainstream after meeting fashion photographer Mario Testino in 2001. Marisa was running a surf school at the time.

Marisa Miller has said about her love of surfing, "[It's] become almost an addiction at this point. The more I do it, the stronger the need becomes. I feel my absolute best physically, mentally and spiritually when I'm surfing every day."

Testino's photos landed her in Vogue. Soon after, Marisa Miller worked for Victoria's Secret and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, appearing in every issue from 2002 to 2008.

Marisa Miller debuted on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2007. In 2009, Marisa was chosen to wear the year's "Fantasy Bra." In 2010, Marisa Miller left Victoria's Secret because celebrities had started supplanting models on magazine covers and in campaigns.

In 2008, Marisa Miller became the first spokesperson in Harley-Davidson's history and in 2010 represented the rum brand Captain Morgan as the company's "Official First Mate." Marisa later became the spokesperson for the 2010-2011 NFL season.

She began segueing into television work as a judge on the reality series, "Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model," as well as appearances on "Entourage," "How I Met Your Mother," "Gary Unmarried," and "America's Next Top Model."

On her website, she says, "I don't see myself as 'Marisa Miller the Supermodel.' It's very flattering to have fans and I love it, but it would be stupid to let it go to my head. It's modeling " I didn't find the cure for cancer, you know?" Marisa Miller's mother went back to college to become a pediatrics nurse, and Marisa has said she may do the same if she stops modeling.

Marisa Miller is an ambassador for the American Cancer Society, as well as the USO.

Married to Griffin Guess since 2006, she is expecting a baby in late 2012. As she said to People Magazine when she was pregnant, "When I told my mom [that my bra size had gone up two cups already], she said " with an almost evil laugh " 'Oh honey, just wait until your milk comes in.' That's comforting. There is a point when big boobs are overrated."

Marisa Miller owns properties in Santa Cruz and Calabasas, CA. Also check out the 30 Hottest Women from California.

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Marisa  Miller photo Sports Illustrated and Victoria&acirc; <p>Marisa Lee Bertetta was born in Santa Cruz and growing up considered herself a tomboy.</p>
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