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Born in Hampshire, England, Lucy Pinder is most famous as a glamour girl, appearing in the Daily Star tabloid.

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She is noted for her extremely large, 32G breasts, which have been voted "the most beautiful all-natural pair in Britain." In 2007, the Australian magazine Ralph declared Lucy had the "Best Breasts in the World."

Lucy Pinder said, "They are 100 percent real. They always generated a reaction. When I was at school, just 13, I'd cram them into these white school shirts. Pupils and teachers just didn't know where to look. Luckily I was calm about myself. I always felt quite comfortable being busty" (

In 2003, a photographer on Bournemouth beach discovered Lucy Pinder. "Actually, I was looking awful that day. I didn't have any make-up on. I had crap sunglasses. I wasn't even wearing a bikini " I couldn't find one to fit my boobs. So I was sprawled out on the sand with my mates in a ropey black bra. I was shocked when a bloke came up and asked if he could take some pictures."

Once the pictures were published, readers couldn't get enough. "I was in shock. Something I'd done for fun suddenly turned serious. There I was, all ready to go off to uni to study English Literature, media and film and suddenly, I was offered a contract for big money."

Lucy Pinder's photo shoots have appeared in magazines, including Loaded, Maxim, Nuts, Ice, ZOO and many more. Lucy didn't pose topless until 2007 in the magazine Nuts.

She waited because, "When I started off, I still thought I'd be going off to uni. I didn't like the idea of other undergraduates being familiar with my nipples, so I didn't show them. Then, it became sort of trademark " Lucy doesn't do nipples. Then it turned into a total pain to keep them covered up at shoots. I got paranoid in case one popped out. Finally, I decided to yank them out. I'm glad to say the response was quite favorable" (

In television, Lucy Pinder has appeared on "I'm Famous and Frightened," "Soccer AM," "Weakest Link," "Hotel Babylon," "The Real Hustle Undercover," and "Celebrity Big Brother." She was the first housemate to be voted out with 57% of the public vote, maybe due in part to her saying "thick" people irritated her.

Lucy Pinder is active for the charity Kick 4 Life, serving as its ambassador. The charity fights poverty and disease with football in Third World countries. Lucy Pinder lives in London.


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Lucy  Pinder photo Model <p>Born in Hampshire, England, Lucy Pinder is most famous as a glamour girl, appearing in the Daily Star tabloid.</p>
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