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Born on August 31, 1991 in Ashland, Kentucky, Leanna Decker is probably best known as Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year 2012. She weighs 107 lbs. and her measurements are 34-24-35 with an all-natural DD cup. 

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Leanna Decker started modeling by taking the initiative herself, hiring a local photographer and creating an account on Model Mayhem. As she said on the site, “Modeling has always been a passion of mine, most comfortable when in front of the camera lens! I take this very seriously so please no BS! I never flake…my boobs are real!!!” Leanna loves modeling because she loves getting pampered. “Posing for the camera gives me a certain kind of high.”

She told virilemag.com that growing up she was a huge tomboy. “I would always be out in the yard playing with something. My brother and I were best friends!” As for hobbies, she loves to roller-skate and considers herself an amazing kisser. Five words that best describe her are “Happy. Spontaneous. Random. Sizzling. SEXY!” Leanna described her personality: “I am a Virgo so my personality is very random! For the most part, I’m a super happy girl! With my red hair comes a little fire though. Beware.” Of course, she thinks her best assets are her breasts.

Leanna Decker is attracted to a guy who is secure, intelligent, sexy, good smelling and has a nice smile and a great sense of humor. She added, “I don’t really like the bad boys! I like my man to stay out of trouble.” Her turn-offs are bad hygiene, cockiness and arrogance.


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In the bedroom, Leanna said she is definitely the loud one. The quote she lives by is “Life with no regrets.” Leanna Decker explained, “I totally live by this! If you live life scared of everything, how will you ever take chances?”

Leanna Decker’s goals are to become a Playboy Playmate. She also wants to get into acting, but Playboy is the main goal.

One of the lessons she’s learned so far is that “you have to think of yourself as a business if you want to make it and also that I can’t take everything to heart. When it comes to modeling, there are some people who support it and some people that don’t, and I try not to let them get to me. My fans mean everything” (playboy.com).

Leanna Decker is also a passionate supporter for animals, especially Pit Bulls. She told globalanimalwelfare.org, that she would “give up jewelry to save all the Giant Panda Bears in the world.” She is also slowly turning vegetarian and “dropping one meat at a time to get used to it; one day I do wanna get rid of dairy and be full-blown vegan.” She added she’d like to become part of something bigger than herself and help all the beautiful animals and important causes in the world.


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Leanna  Decker photo Model <p>Born on August 31, 1991 in Ashland, Kentucky, Leanna Decker is probably best known as Playboy&rsquo;s Cyber Girl of the Year 2012. She weighs 107 lbs. and her measurements are 34-24-35 with an all-natural DD cup.<span>&nbsp;</span></p>
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Leanna Decker D.O.B.1991-08-31 AGE 25 HOMETOWN Ashland CURRENT TOWN Huntington, West Virginia HEIGHT 5' 4" HAIR COLOR redhead EYE COLOR green ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
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