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Born in Houston, Texas, Kimberly Katherine Kim Smith aka Kim Smith is a model. Read More


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She grew up in Odessa, Texas, and in high school played on the varsity golf team. She was also on the National Junior Honor Society and her classmates voted her most popular.

After graduating from Permian High School, Kim Smith got into modeling when she went with a friend to a Model Search of America contest. According to, she had no intention of modeling, only going as a spectator, but when the president of the search saw her wearing a nametag that said Guest, he quickly changed it to one that read Competitor. Soon after, Kim Smith signed with Clipse Management.

Since then, Kim Smith has done work for Victorias Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Harpers Bazaar, Andrew Marc and Guess, among others.

Aside from modeling, Kim Smith has appeared in music videos, including N Syncs Bye Bye Bye and Aerosmiths Girls of Summer.

She made her feature film debut with a cameo in Van Wilder. Other roles include parts in Catwoman, and a recurring role in Friday Night Lights.

When asked about finding success so early in life, Kim Smith said, Its been really hard as far as school goes. Im a senior, so I end up missing out on fun senior activities. And then theres the catching up on schoolwork, let me tell you thats no fun. When asked if being a model contributes to the materialistic nature of our culture, she said, I guess one could take it any certain way. As for me, modeling is a job that takes a great deal of dedication. As a model my job is to sell clothing or product and thats all (

Kim Smith appeared in the July 2005 issue of Maxim. She was later named #91 in its 2006 Hot List.

She has said about people burning the flag, It offends me. Im thankful for my right to be free, but people who burn the flag can leave. Im not big on politics, but I respect the soldiers whove died for my freedom and people who have fought for our freedom. Im so thankful to be able to travel all these different places, but the best feeling in the world is to step off a plane on American soil.

Kim Smith is drawn to acting because I think its important to be complete. I am an artist and acting is another way that I can express myself. I admire professional actors. Its so difficult. I want to try it to see if I can expand my career.

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Kim  Smith photo Model Born in Houston, Texas, Kimberly Katherine Kim Smith aka Kim Smith is a model.
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