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Kiana Kim is becoming more and more of a household name with her new reality show on TLC.  "Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs." is the reality show starring the engaged duo of Pete Rose and Kiana Kim.

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Kiana Kim was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to the United States when she was just five. She attended Arizona State University and studied business marketing, earning a Bachelor of Science degree. Before she became a model, she worked various jobs and became a successful businesswoman


After college, Kiana Kim became a flight attendant for Korean Airlines. Once her time in the air was done, Kiana married and had two kids. First was her daughter Cassie, who is now 14, and then her son Ashton who is 11. Soon after becoming a mother of two, Kiana became a successful real estate agent. Following a divorce, Kiana raised her kids on her own. Soon after, she owned and operated her own popular hail salon. Kiana found success in many types of business. “My goal is to build a business where I can help other women feel good, young, and beautiful as every woman should.”


 After reaching success in business, Kiana Kim reached success in modeling. Kiana has been a very successful model for Playboy Magazine and has been included in Playboy’s Sexy 100. "As an Asian model, I feel very proud and honored to be in the position that I am of helping others know that no matter what ethnic background you are from people can see beauty in all cultures," Kim said. She met her fiancé Pete Rose while modeling.


Kiana Kim stars in her new reality show on TLC with Pete Rose focusing on their life with Kiana’s two kids. Kiana is engaged to Pete and much of the show is about their relationship and how Pete interacts with her and her kids. She also has her first acting role in the Call of Duty-like 2013 movie, "Virtually Heroes." Kiana is a successful woman and takes pride in what she has accomplished in business and as a mother. “I am very active in my kid’s lives. I try to be the best mother I can by preparing them for the real world. I try to inspire my kids by teaching them the value of hard work so they will be prepared for life.”  

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Kiana  Kim photo Model <p>Kiana Kim is becoming more and more of a household name with her new reality show on TLC.&nbsp; &quot;Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs.&quot; is the reality show starring the engaged duo of Pete Rose and Kiana Kim.</p>
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