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In 2006, Katsia Damankova entered and won the 25th annual Super Model of the World contest (with participants from more than 39 countries). Read More


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The judges voted unanimously for her. At the time, Katsia was just a 17-year-old high school senior from Belarus. Said Jade Robertson, a new faces agent at Ford models, [Katsia] has this very haunting presence, thoughtful eyes and a quiet, calm beauty (foxnews.com). As the winner of the contest, Katsia won a $250,000 contract with Ford models and a four-page Nexxus ad that ran in Vogue and Allure.

Her measurements are 34-24-35.

Katsia Damankova was discovered in a Belarus caf while she was doing homework. Word has it, when a talent agent approached her, she took his card, but said she wasnt interested in modeling. It was only when Katsias mother convinced her to try, did Damankova sign with the agency, which lead to editorial work in Paris and Milan.

She has since worked with Ford Models, Nagorny Models, and TFM. In 2010, Katsia Damankova walked in the Victorias Secret Fashion Show.

A thread on the Internet reports that Katsia Damankova was married in St. Petersburg. While thats not out of the ordinary, Katsia met her mate on a website called Classmates. Katsia said, Anton saw my photographs and asked his friend that he introduced us. We started to communicate in "Classmates", and then met in New York (I was living in New York, and he - in Miami). At first, talking with friends, and after a few days with him went together to the club, and talked for a very long time. Then I called my mother and said: "Mum, I would probably marry him!" Mom, of course, thought it was serious. I was 19 years old, and who knows what I said after the night club.

Katsia would like to have three children, or a pair of twins. When asked who was the head of household, Katsia Damankova said, Of course, husband. The latest decision is up to him. This does not mean that I do not have the right to vote, my voice is very strong. We complement each other, counterbalanced. I know that something more than brought us to this alliance. Anton is very attentive, often gives me gifts, and if you come from somewhere, never comes home without flowers. He spoils me a lot!

Katsia aims to settle down in Paris, France.

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Katsia  Damankova photo Model In 2006, Katsia Damankova entered and won the 25th annual Super Model of the World contest (with participants from more than 39 countries).
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Katsia Damankova photo Katsia Damankova photo