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Born in Munich, Germany, Jordan Carver is best known as a glamour, lingerie and swimsuit model famous for her large breasts. Read More


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Carver is her family's last name, but Jordan is her "artist's" name. Her nickname is JC. She has one brother. After Jordan Carver graduated from high school, she apprenticed as a hotel manageress, but didn't feel inspired. Jordan sought out modeling, and her first job was working behind the camera as a beautician in a French company.

Jordan Carver met a photographer who had worked in other glamour magazines and noticed her potential. In 2010, she launched her own website. She said, "It is the best time of my life. I can realize and live my greatest dreams!"

In an interview Jordan Carver gave to, she said large breasts run in her family and she was already an E cup before "receiving a little [surgical] help" and became an HH cup. Her measurements are, in centimeters, 109-60-89.

Jordan Carver said she enjoys the pinup style of photographs, rather than nude. "The striptease effect is something I think more people enjoy. Just taking it all off and showing everything all the time gets sort of old, don't you think?" (

Rumors once swirled that she was a lesbian, to which she responded, "Yeah, show me a man who does not burst with jealousy when I am admired every day by 1000 men. My job and a happy relationship do not match. Someday I will find the right man and than he will be my priority."

In an interview, Jordan joked she came from planet "Boobarella." She has Italian and German ancestry. "I grew up more like a boy. I played a lot outside and built together with the boys tree houses" (

Jordan Carver said of her astrological sign as an Aquarius, "Everything is bizarre and unusual moves me magically. The Aquarius is difficult to assess sometimes unpredictable, but never boring."

Jordan Carver has appeared in Zoo Magazine, ALUFEM, Slitz, among others. She has also appeared on "WGN Morning News."

When asked how she differs from Denise Milani, Jordan Carver said, "I'm honored, of course. She is beautiful, and I can only to be as popular as she is one day. Denise has taken a different path with her career these days. She is more into fitness competitions. I just love to model and be in front of the camera."

Jordan Carver is available for photoshoots. However, no nudity is allowed as of this time.

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Jordan  Carver photo glamour model Born in Munich, Germany, Jordan Carver is best known as a glamour, lingerie and swimsuit model famous for her large breasts.
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Jordan Carver D.O.B.1986-01-30 AGE 30 HOMETOWN Munich CURRENT TOWN Orange County, California HEIGHT 5' 6" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR blue ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB glamour model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
Jordan Carver photo Jordan Carver photo