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Jodie Louise Marsh was born in 1978 in Essex, England. She is a glamour model and body builder, and a popular British television personality.

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Jodie got her start in modeling after being discovered table dancing and was subsequently invited to pose for magazines, including Loaded, FHM, Zoo and Nuts. She was also a Page 3 Girl for the British newspaper The Sun. With an outgoing personality, changing hair colors and large breasts, she splashed onto the scene.


With her increased exposure, she took part in a few reality television shows in England: “Trust Me – I’m a Holiday Rep,” “The Games,” and “Back to Reality,” among others. Per her website, Jodie said she rose to fame in 2002 when she appeared on the reality show “Essex Wives.”


In 2005, she published her autobiography “Keeping It Real,” which told of her lifelong search for acceptance since being bullied at school. Jodie Marsh said she dreamt of being as glamorous as Pam Anderson. “Pam was like the biggest ever mega-glamour babe” ( Jodie added that she has no regrets about making a career out of her boobs, rather than her brain. “I could’ve been a lawyer by now. I could’ve gone to [university]. But I’ve taken the quickest and easiest route to making as much money as I can, and having as much fun as I can.”


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Jodie also wrote a weekly column for the magazine Sneak until the magazine closed in 2006. Her writing also included a sex column for Zoo Weekly. In 2006, Jodie Marsh appeared on “Celebrity Big Brother,” but was the first voted out of the house. In 2007, she had her own reality show on MTV, “Totally Jodie Marsh: Who’ll Take Her Up The Aisle.” Jodie auditioned men to marry and chose Matt Peacock as a husband and they wed in 2007, only to be divorced soon thereafter.


In 2009, she segued into bodybuilding, changing her body over time with the help of a trainer, and even competed in the Natural Physique Association. In 2012, she launched her own bodybuilding protein shakes and fat burning supplements. Jodie Marsh told, “I’ve never had this level of respect. In the past people have just thought I was a model or a TV star or whatever…but now, people are actually respecting me for doing something good.” Jodie Marsh is also a vegetarian, which made bodybuilding harder. “I was just living on protein shakes and egg whites, and that was quite tough at times!”


In her personal life, Jodie Marsh has dated both men and women. She told The Sun, “I’ve had threesomes, I’ve had orgies…I’ve done all the crazy stuff. I need someone who can match up.” She also claimed her status as a single woman wasn’t due to lack of offers. “I’ve never been wanted more! I’ve constantly got men asking me out, so I’ve definitely proved that playing hard to get works. Now I just need to find that guy who can really blow my mind.” 

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Jodie  Marsh photo Model/Bodybuilder/TV personality <p>Jodie Louise Marsh was born in 1978 in Essex, England. She is a glamour model and body builder, and a popular British television personality.</p>
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