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Born in New York City to single parent Cheryl, Emmanuelle Grey "Emmy" Rossum is known as a singer and actress.

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Her parents divorced before she was born. At the age of 7, she joined the Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus. For the next five years, Emmy Rossum sang operas. By the age of 12, she took acting classes at The New Actors Workshop and got an agent.

Emmy Rossum made her TV debut in 1997 on "Law & Order" and had a recurring role on "As the World Turns." Other roles followed, including parts in "Snoops," the films "Songcatcher," "Mystic River," "The Day After Tomorrow," "The Phantom of the Opera," "The Poseidon Adventure," "Dragonball Evolution," "Dare," "Inside," and the Showtime drama "Shameless." Emmy Rossum earned a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in "The Phantom of the Opera."

When asked about not having to worry about hair and make-up on "Shameless," Emmy said, "It's liberating. As an actor, and especially as a young woman, there's so much pressure to look good all the time and it really detracts from what our job really is about, which is portraying a different person. So, it's very liberating, as a young woman, to have somebody be like, 'Oh, you didn't sleep last night? Great! You look like shit. It's perfect.'"


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When asked about her sex scenes in the show, Emmy Rossum said her friendship with Justin Chatwin helps "a lot. During our loves scenes.we're literally wearing nothing. He has a sock on and I have this thing.that I like to call the 'vag patch.'...it's a little triangle.Justin said he wanted to fill his sock with sand, so it would hold everything down, just in case anything happened.It's awkward it you do, and it's awkward if you don't. It is what it is" (collider.com).

In 2007, Emmy Rossum released an album, "Inside Out," but it barely cracked the U.S. charts, peaking at 199. She later released three songs for a Christmas EP. Emmy Rossum also sang a track on Alex Band's debut solo album "We've All Been There." She said, "The idea behind 'Inside Out' is turning yourself inside out and showing people who you really are inside, and that's why the record is somewhat autobiographical. And I really wanted it to be pretty honest" (askmen.com). Emmy adds, "I hope that I can continue to [make music] for as long as I can. I think that music is something that inherently gives people happiness and if I can express what some people are really going through in my lyrics."

Rossum is a YouthAIDS ambassador.

Emmy Rossum suffers from coeliac disease and cannot eat gluten or wheat.

Emmy Rossum was married to music executive Justin Siegel in 2008, but they divorced in 2009. Emmy Rossum lives in Beverly Hills, California.

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September 12, 1986
New York, New York
Current Town
Beverly Hills, CA
5' 8"
Hair Color
Eye Color
Facebook page
Marital Status
Divorced from justin siegel
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Dated Topher Grace, Adam Duritz, and Tyler Jacob Moore
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