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Danielle Panabaker is an American actress. She has starred in such films as "Piranha 3DD" and the rebooted "Friday the 13th" in 2009. 

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Danielle Nicole Panabaker was born in Augusta, Georgia on September 19, 1987. She has a younger sister named Kay who is also a famous actress. The two have even starred in several projects together, including the TV series "Summerland" and TV movie "Read It and Weep." Danielle spent a short time as a child living in Orange, Texas, where she attended a theater class at summer camp which piqued her interest in acting. By age 12, she began acting in local theater and even auditioning for roles in commercials. In fact, her first official acting role was in a commercial for Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.


Danielle went to school in Naperville, Illinois, where she graduated from Neuqua Valley High School as valedictorian at the age of only 14. In order to pursue her acting career even further, she soon relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she first went to Glendale Community College to study acting, and then UCLA, where she graduated in June of 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts, while also consistently making the Dean's List throughout.


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As far as her television and movie career is concerned, Danielle started out like many young actresses. After success in commercials, she landed her first television role on the series "Family Affair." She continued playing guest roles on series such as "Malcolm in the Middle," "The Guardian" (which she received a Young Artist Award for in 2004), and "Summerland," which she starred in alongside her sister, Kay, who was a series regular. By 2005, she booked roles in two feature films, "Sky High" and "Yours, Mine and Ours." The following year, she finally had her first series regular role on the series "Shark" alongside veteran actor, James Woods. Ever since, her career has continued to thrive, booking numerous TV and film roles on a consistent basis. 

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Danielle  Panabaker photo Actress <p>Danielle Panabaker is an American actress. She has starred in such films as &quot;Piranha 3DD&quot; and the rebooted &quot;Friday the 13th&quot; in 2009.<span>&nbsp;</span></p>
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Danielle Panabaker D.O.B.1987-09-19 AGE 28 HOMETOWN Augusta CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles, CA HEIGHT 5' 6" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Actress MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES Dated Jesse McCartney/span>
Danielle Panabaker photo Danielle Panabaker photo