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Claire Coffee, an actress, was born on April 14, 1980 in San Francisco, California.

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Growing up, Claire attended the Santa Catalina School for girls and starred in plays and musicals. She told Esquire, I grew up in the heyday of the 49ers Joe Montana and Steve Young. Around the holidays, when youre supposed to have your kids take a picture with Santa Claus, my mom took us to take a picture with Ray Wersching. The Niners kicker.

Claire frequently participated with regional theatres in the Bay Area and Central Coast of California before she graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with a degree in theatre.


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She made her debut in 2002 in The Mind of the Married Man, and landed roles on Yes, Dear, The West Wing, Cold Case, Strong Medicine, Bones, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, Psych and General Hospital, among others. She said of her experience working on a soap opera, Im glad I did it. I learned a lotthe hours are great and the people are really great. It was nice going to work with the same group of people for that long (

Most recently, Claire Coffee portrayed attorney Janie Ross on the TNT series Franklin & Bash, as well as the NBC series Grimm as attorney Adalind Schade.

Regarding football, Claire Coffee said, If youre watching football with people playing fantasy football, its so obnoxious. They get so upset or happy or excited over these tiny plays. You should be rooting for your team rather than your fantasy team. Claire also writes a football column for the website Hello Giggles.

She added, I dont like waking up with people in my bedyou could fit five of me in this bed. But Im so used to having my space that it takes a special guy. She admits, Im not a snuggler. At the end of the night, once were done once weve done our business you go to your side of the bed and Ill go to mine.

Regarding lingerie, Claire Coffee said, I dont think I own a thong. I just dont get it. Its not comfortable. All of my lingerie is white or black, lacey boy shorts classic.

Of her career, Claire said, These models turned actresses, I dont begrudge what theyre trying to do, but someone like me acting is the only thing Ive done my entire life you get spited a bit. Not that I had a chip on my shoulder when I moved out, but it was very important that people knew that I was actually a smart, thinking person.

Per her Twitter, Claire resides in New York City and Portland.


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