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Chanel Spencer is an Australian Glamour model who has graced the cover of several mens magazines in her country including Ralph and Zoo Weekly.

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She had a break out year was 2012, with the crown jewel being her winning Zoo Weeklys Beach Babe competition. Spencer was awarded the $10,000 grand prize. Her name comes from Chanel #5, her mothers favorite perfume.

In the Zoo Weekly spread, Spencer posed with in a bikini bottom, loose cut-off t-shirt and a skateboard, which she probably cant ride but then again who really cares?

When shes not modeling she likes to tan and visit the beaches, telling Zoo Weekly, Im not much of a partier so kicking back at the beach is one of my favorite things to do. (Zoo Weekly)

Prior to becoming a regularly featured Zoo Weekly model, Spencer posed for Pink Diamond Studios in Sydney Australia. Upon winning they said that they were ecstatic for their one-time model, saying, We knew she had what it took to be famous. (

Contributing to her success was the feverish pace at which she was competing in Glamour competitions internationally and in her home state of Queensland. Spencer won the World Supermodel Australia, Queensland Regional in 2012. She also made it to the finals of other shows competitions such as Miss Indy 2012, Miss Moreton Bay 2012, Miss Hawaiin Tropic, and the Ralph Australian Swimsuit Model of the Year. (


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When asked what she would buy with the money she had won from Zoo Weekly, Spencer said, Probably some new Lingerie and swimsuits. I just paid for my spray tanning for a year so not that. A new closet of clothes is exactly what I need. I love dress ups so therell be some costumes in there as well.

The Queensland beauty is only going to get more popular as her fame grows outside of Australia and she says her dream photo shoot would be where Im covered in mud and have been doing army rolls. Just recently I did a shoot like that but it was in the Brisbane River, so it was quite dirty. I love the idea of being in control and being a bad girl. Though, so any shoot which captures that is fine by me. (Zoo Weekly)

One of her favorite things to do is pick up guys but in a kind of strange way. I like to walk past, give them a quick look and then walk away, she said, It plants a seed in a guys head about who I am. Confusion can be good occasionally. (Zoo Weekly)


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Chanel  Spencer photo Model <p>Chanel Spencer is an Australian Glamour model who has graced the cover of several mens magazines in her country including Ralph and Zoo Weekly.</p>
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Chanel Spencer D.O.B.1991-01-01 AGE 25 HOMETOWN Brisbane, Australia CURRENT TOWN Brisbane, Australia HEIGHT 5' 5" HAIR COLOR darkhaired EYE COLOR green ETHNICITY Australian JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
Chanel Spencer photo Chanel Spencer photo