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Camille Pollett is one of Australia's top pin-up girls and glamour models. She's best known for her warm personality, innocent smile and monster curves.

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Pollett has been featured in Zoo Weekly as a centerfold and also advice columnist. In her column, Camille dished out advice on how guys can get the girls and, maybe more importantly, getting a girl like her back to their pads.

She includes advice on hygiene, the appropriate amount of cuddling, and other tips like, "Men who wear sunnies at night dont look cool, rich or sexy. They look as if they should be following a dog. The same goes for flat-rimmed hats. When I see them, I change from a possible hook-up to a slightly deranged she-bat who you'll never get a chance with." (

Before having her own column, Pollett was part of Zoo Weekly's Threesome advice feature with Kayden Cross and Emily Sears. Her advice was straighter to the point but no less effective like, "Touch her hand when you laugh." (Zoo Weekly)

In her interviews with Zoo Weekly it's clear to see why all of the top men's magazines in Australia and the rest of the world love working with Pollett. She comes across as the sexy girl next door who could be either naughty or nice given her mood. Also appearing in Ralph and FHM, she takes a very no worries approach towards her modeling.

The centerfold is ripping, she told Zoo Weekly when asked about a favorite photo from their March 2011 shoot, "I'm liking the way my boobs dangle."

The vivacious blonde is beginning to become popular in the States with features on Sports Illustrated Online and Maxim, but the jump shouldn't be hard for her considering her portfolio already and her experience as a personality.

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Camille  Pollett photo Model <p>Camille Pollett is one of Australia&#39;s top pin-up girls and glamour models. She&#39;s best known for her warm personality, innocent smile and monster curves.</p>
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Camille Pollett D.O.B.1991-01-01 AGE 25 HOMETOWN Sydney, Australia CURRENT TOWN Sydney, Australia HEIGHT 5' 5" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
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