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Born in Israel in 1985, Bar Refaeli began modeling when she was only eight months old, appearing in commercials.

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Said Bar in an interview with GQ, "One of my first memories was asking my mother every day when my next shoot was going to be. I'd skip school to do it; I loved nothing more than being in front of the camera. I didn't want it to stop."

Bar Refaeli followed in the footsteps of her mother, Tzipi Levine, who was a successful model in Israel in the 1970's. Bar's modeling career was interrupted during her tween years when she had to wear braces. She started modeling again at age 15, working for fashion brands Castro and Pilpel. In 2000, she won the title "Model of the Year" in an Israeli beauty contest.

Though her resume includes modeling gigs for ELLE, GQ, it was her cover for the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue that garnered her mainstream attention. That same year, an image of her from the magazine was painted onto the side of a Boeing 737. Passengers, however, complained that it was inappropriate, and it was removed. In 2010, Bar posed for the Victoria's Secret catalogue.

Bar Refaeli added "actress" to her resume with parts in "Pick Up," an Israeli TV series. She also served as a guest judge on "Germany's Next Top Model," hosted by Heidi Klum, as well as starred in the film "Session in Israel." According to, while she works to expand her acting, the one thing she won't do is sing, "I'm the worst singer in the world. When I do karaoke, everyone runs away."

Adding to her growing empire, Bar Refaeli set up an e-commerce business called "" that sells designer underwear.

She said about her home of Israel, "I love this city. I'm glad I can shine a different light [on Israel.] When people think about Israel, they think that we're hiding in shelters all day long, afraid that we are going to have rockets falling on us."

Though romantically linked in the past to David Charvet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Teddy Sagi, one of Israel's richest men, she said on "Conan," "Let's put it this way, no one hits on me. No one flirts with me. It's like, it's very sad, actually." Asked for what she looks for in a guy, she said, "The first thing I notice is his teeth. I have a fetish. [I like] a great smile and really, white, bright teeth."

Bar Refaeli volunteers for Project Sunshine, a non-profit that provides services for children facing life-threatening illnesses.

She is rumored to be dating Shaun White. According to, Bar Refaeli bought a $3 million home in Tel Aviv. Also check out: The hottest women from California and New York.

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Bar  Refaeli photo Sports Illustrated model/Victoria&amp;acirc; <p>Born in Israel in 1985, Bar Refaeli began modeling when she was only eight months old, appearing in commercials.</p>
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Bar Refaeli D.O.B.1985-06-04 AGE 31 HOMETOWN Hod HaSharon CURRENT TOWN Tel Aviv, Israel HEIGHT 5' 8.5" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR blue ETHNICITY Israeli JOB Sports Illustrated model/Victoria&amp;acirc; MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES David Charvet, Leonardo DiCaprio, rumored to be dating Shaun White/span>
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