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Ariana Leigh is a lingerie and glamour model.

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She is originally from Richmond, Virginia and was a competitive dancer since the age of two, modeling since she was five, and a competitive cheerleader since middle school. "I got a lot of bumps and bruises from that " I got a black eye before going on to compete " but it was a lot of fun. It gave me stamina and strength." She is also Playboy's January 2012 Cyber Girl.

Ariana told Playboy, "I have a very strong sexual appetite. I epitomize the saying 'A lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets!...I'm blessed to have been born with natural curves and an hourglass shape." She calls her loyal followers on Twitter her "Tweetourage."


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Ariana Leigh is a mix of Native American, Puerto Rican, German, Irish and Scottish ancestry. "I'm a big mix, but I love it. I love being multicultural, and having the exotic look. Pretty much I could be from any country and fit right in, so I think that's a pretty neat aspect about myself." Her measurements are 32D-24-32 and she weighs 110 lbs.

Her friends describe her as very straightforward, but "I have a huge heart, and the people closest to me, I love them unconditionally with all my heart, body and soul." She would say she has a toned, but voluptuous body. Ariana Leigh works out five days a week with a trainer and eats clean.

She's very proud to say she's related to Pocahontas. "It's pretty cool that an Indian princess was my great, great, great grandmother." Aside from modeling, Ariana Leigh loves dancing. "It was my very first passion, every performance has some type of emotion, and I love portraying that emotion and character. It's a very freeing experience" ( Ariana Leigh added, "When I was a baby I was in my car seat listening to music and just dancing in my car seat, so my mother thought, 'Why don't we put her in dancing?'"

Ariana said of her work ethic: "The Native Americans have a very strong work ethic " not only that, but emotionally just being able to push through things. No matter how hard things get, you just keep pushing."

To her, " confidence..if you feel sexy and you're confident, it just shines in all aspects of your life. And I think it makes for better relationships in your life, whether it's with a loved one, a significant other, friends or at your work.

Her advice to anyone is "just to be genuine, to be honest.speak from the heart."

Ariana Leigh has two dogs, Riley and Frazier.

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