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Born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 16, 1987, AnnaLynne McCord is an actress probably best known for her role as Naomi Clark on the CW series 90210.

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    Growing up, AnnaLynne was homeschooled and graduated early (with honors) from high school at the age of 15. Before that, she acted in community theatres. She told Teen Vogue, I never went to prom until the show [90210].

    Shortly thereafter, AnnaLynne signed with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency and appeared in ads for Estee Lauder and modeled for Seventeen.

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    She said, When I first moved to L.A., I didnt have a lot of money to join a gym or take classes, so I improvisedI went to the library and looked over their DVD collection and discovereda series of belly dancing routines. When youre shaking your booty, you cant help but feel beautiful and sexy. Her fitness tips include drinking lots of water and not drinking or smoking. But she does have a weak spot for peanut M&Ms.

    AnnaLynne made her debut in the Italian film Natale a Miami. Other roles followed, including parts in Day of the Dead, Close to Home, The O.C., American Heiress, Ugly Betty, Greek, Cold Case and Nip/Tuck.

    But it was her role on 90210 that made her a star. At a certain point she wanted to move on. Honestly, after about three years on a show, youre like, Thank you very much for giving me a step up. Now can I go do movies? She added, There have been several movies I couldnt do, and I really loved a script and wanted to be a part of them, and it just didnt happen because I was working on the show. Theres always the ying and yang of it.

    When not working, AnnaLynne McCord helps with charities, including the St. Bernard Project, which helps victims rebuild their lives after Hurricane Katrina. She told Shape, For me success is not all about the paycheck or magazine covers. Its about figuring out why Im here and discovering my greater purpose in life.

    In 2012, AnnaLynne McCord said she was sexually abused. It happened to me once by somebody that I knew, and it is a very interesting thing to feel that you do not have the voice to say no. It wasnt an attack or anything like that I just had no voice. I did not know how to say, I dont want this. Please do not do this to mefinally, I can say I was taken advantage of not from my own shame that I did something to deserve that and now I can have a clear conscience (

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    AnnaLynne McCord
    AnnaLynne  McCord photo Model/actress

    Born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 16, 1987, AnnaLynne McCord is an actress probably best known for her role as Naomi Clark on the CW series 90210.

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    AnnaLynne McCord D.O.B.1987-07-16 AGE 28 HOMETOWN Atlanta CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles, CA HEIGHT 5' 7" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR green ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model/actress MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES Dated Kellan Lutz, Aaron OConnell and Dominic Purcell
    AnnaLynne  McCord photo AnnaLynne  McCord photo