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Anna Sophia Berglund was born on April 5, 1986 in San Pedro, California.

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    She is probably best known for her pictorial as a Playboy Playmate of the Month for January 2011. Stephen Wayda photographed her centerfold. Anna Sophia Berglund is of Swedish descent. Her measurements are 34D-25-36 and she weighs 128 lbs.

    She said of growing up: I grew up ina really small community. In fact the entire community is very supportive of my being in the magazine. My mom was born in Sweden so I have dual citizenshipmy family is very proud of me (


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    She said after the issue came out, Ive had more confidence, happiness, and have gained incredible experiences. Sometimes I feel as if its a dream, and I feel incredibly grateful that its a real part of my life. The last month has been exciting!

    Anna Sophia Berglund has a younger brother. She graduated from Palos Verdes Peninsula High School and later received a degree in Theater from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2008. She added, I had always had a dream of acting but never thought of it as more than a dream. Then I spent some time in Los Angeles [and] I decided to give acting a shot.

    She has also studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Improving and being over the top has always appealed to me.

    Aside from her appearance in Playboy, she landed gigs on the television series Cavemen, Desperate Housewives, Hannah Montana and the made-for-TV movie Bad Mothers Handbook. She has also appeared in several episodes of The Girls Next Door and Hollys World.

    Per her modelmayhem page, she said, I love what I do so I take my work extremely serious. I am always looking to try new things when it comes to modeling. Im open to new ideas and I really enjoy being creative. I am very fun and easy to work with because I want the best outcome possible.

    Anna Sophia Berglund told that she got involved with Playboy after she attended a party at the Playboy Mansion. I received a photo call inviting me up for dinner and a movie. After a couple months of occasionally attending movie night I met Crystal [Harris] and we grew to become great friends. Crystal even asked Anna to be the maid of honor for her wedding to Hugh Hefner.

    But after the wedding fizzled, Hugh found a new girlfriend. And its rumored that its Anna Sophia Berglund. Her mother might disagree. She said, They are just friendsit makes me feel so much better to know there is not any hanky-panky going on (

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    Anna Sophia Berglund
    Anna Sophia
    Anna Sophia  Berglund photo Playboy model

    Anna Sophia Berglund was born on April 5, 1986 in San Pedro, California.

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    Anna Sophia Berglund D.O.B.1986-04-05 AGE 29 HOMETOWN San Pedro CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles, CA HEIGHT 5' 6" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR hazel ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Playboy model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES Dated Hugh Hefner
    Anna Sophia  Berglund photo Anna Sophia  Berglund photo