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Tiffany Toth is a model best known as Playboy Playmate Miss September 2011, though she is also a make-up artist.

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Tiffany Toth is a mix of Hungarian, French and Irish ancestry. She grew up in Orange County, California. Her measurements are 34C-24-36 and she weighs 125 lbs.


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“I love the beach, so I hang out there as much as possible. It’s how I grew up. I always went to the beach with friends, laid out in the sun and rode Jet Skis and bicycles. I still look forward to those summer nights when the sun goes down and you start a bonfire, have a drink and make s’mores.”


Before she landed as a Playmate, she was’s “Cyber Girl of the Month” for March 2006, as well as November 2005. Tiffany Toth said, “Ever since I can remember, I’ve had this fascination with Playboy. I collected the magazine and idolized the Playmates. I would even imitate their hair and make-up!” Aside from Playboy, she has also posed for Maxim, Seventeen, Iron Man, and Super Street Bike, among other magazines.


She enjoys cooking, painting, interior decorating and going to the beach. She is also the owner of the website lovetifftot, which sells “trendy fashions at affordable prices.”


The best part of being a model, she said, is the traveling and never working the same job. Her strengths are “I’m very independent, down to earth and always punctual.” But her weakness is that “I hold grudged forever!”


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Tiffany Toth described herself as creative, interesting and sincere. Her biggest beauty secret is “confidence.” She is not a fan of tattoos and she is scared of earthquakes.


Her worst childhood experience was “high school.” As far as men, she looks for a guy who is independent and not needy.


Tiffany Toth's ambitions are to keep working as a make-up artist and one day open her own bakery. Her turn-ons are confident, funny men who don’t get jealous. "Oh – and a man in uniform!" Her turn-offs are flashy guys who brag about how much money they make and care too much about status. "I am not impressed!"


Tiffany Toth resides in Southern California.

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Tiffany  Toth photo Model <p>Tiffany Toth is a model best known as Playboy Playmate Miss September 2011, though she is also a make-up artist.</p>
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