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Tiffany Thompson is an adult actress and model. She is sometimes billed as Tiff Love, Tiffany Love, or Tiffany TSC. Her measurements are 32C-25-34. She was a Twisty’s Treat of the Month for June 2011.

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Tiffany Thompson is a mix of Dutch, German and Indonesian ancestry, and she grew up in Orange County, California. According to, Tiffany Thompson was discovered by a mainstream-modeling agency, but she couldn’t book any gigs. She said in an interview that she never thought of herself as a model as she’s tall and clumsy.


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Tiffany Thompson got into the adult business after responding to a nude modeling add. “Basically it’s porn, and I said, I’m down. And that’s how it started.” She identifies as bisexual.


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Tiffany Thompson began her career in 2010 when she was 18 years old. She has generally appeared in solo work, but did do some scenes for X-Art with her boyfriend. She said about the adult industry: “I love this industry. Everyone’s so nice. It’s fun. I want to pace myself and be on camera for 3 to 5 years, maybe. And then definitely get behind the camera.” Before getting into the industry, she was never really into porn. She added, “I’m not hurting anyone. I’m having the time of my life."


Tiffany Thompson said if she weren’t in porn she wanted to be a dental hygienist. Also, if porn were an Olympic sport, she would win the gold in oral sex. She admitted to a crush on Brooke Taylor from the Bunny Ranch.


A bit of trivia: her hobbies are art, music and horseback riding. Her favorite food is chicken; her turns-ons are nice arms, teeth and confidence; her favorite sexual position is doggy. Her favorite music is country. She has a tattoo of “Joie de Vivre” in cursive script on the back of her left hip and a dove and heart design on the inside of her lower left leg.


As of this posting, Tiffany Thompson has retired. Said Holly Randall: “I grabbed one of her last shoots before she officially retires.” It’s rumored that she is pursuing school and fashion modeling.

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Tiffany  Thompson photo Adult actress/model <p>Tiffany Thompson is an adult actress and model.&nbsp;She is sometimes billed as Tiff Love, Tiffany Love, or&nbsp;Tiffany TSC. Her measurements are 32C-25-34. She was a Twisty&rsquo;s Treat of the Month for June 2011.</p>
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