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Teri Marie Harrison Rose is a model and actress probably best known for being Playboy’s Playmate of the Month October 2002. Her measurements are 34D-26-33.

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Teri Harrison attended the University of Central Florida. While she was at school, she worked at Hooters.


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Teri is a mix of Japanese and German ancestry. “I have six sumo wrestler-looking uncles and a tiny Japanese grandmother, so I stick out like a Q-Tip in family pictures. Sushi and bratwurst – that’s my life!”


She was formerly blond, but is a natural brunette. She got into the Playboy scene after a friend encouraged her to send pictures into the magazine. She has also appeared as the German Playboy Playmate of the Month for January 2003.


Teri Harrison was a former Barker Beauty on "The Price is Right" from 2002 to 2005. In an interview from 2004, she said she wanted to be a model every since seeing Pamela Anderson’s Playboy layout. She had no reservations about posing nude. “Not once. I come from a family of hippies!”


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Her turn-ons back then were “stability, a man who can watch a girly click with me, [and] rock-and-roll music.” Her turn-offs include “bad taste in shoes, dishonesty and insecurity.”


She was married to Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose, but they have since divorced. Teri Harrison is the mother to 3 boys from her relationship with Morgan Rose. It was also rumored that she dated Hugh Hefner.


She has since become a Crossfit fan. Teri Harrison resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


February 16, 1981
Bradenton, Florida
Current Town
Atlanta, Georgia
5' 6"
Hair Color
Eye Color
Marital Status
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Hugh Hefner
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Teri Harrison
Teri  Harrison photo Model/actress

Teri Marie Harrison Rose is a model and actress probably best known for being Playboy’s Playmate of the Month October 2002. Her measurements are 34D-26-33.

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Teri Harrison D.O.B.1981-02-16 AGE 33 HOMETOWN Bradenton CURRENT TOWN Atlanta, Georgia HEIGHT 5' 6" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR hazel ETHNICITY Multi-racial JOB Model/actress MARITAL STATUS Divorced RELATED CELEBRITIES Hugh Hefner
Teri  Harrison photo Teri  Harrison photo