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Sydney Maler is an American model. She is also a Hooters girl. 

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Sydney Maler is a native of San Diego, California. While attending college, she made a living training and giving riding lessons on Arabian horses. However, when it got to a point where she wasn't able to get by doing just that, she decided she would try her luck applying to be a waitress at Hooters. Not only did she like the atmosphere of the restaurant chain, she had also recently taken an interest in modeling, and hoped getting a job there would be a step in the right direction. Fortunately for her, her instincts were correct, and her model good looks led to photoshoot that would be used in the magazines Oceanside Hooters calendar.


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Since she became an official Hooters girl, Sydney has absolutely fallen in love with the job, and appreciates the relaxed atmosphere (along with the huge tips she makes). Of course, part of being a Hooters girl, as well as a professional model, is staying in shape. Sydney attributes her sexy physique not only to training hard, but also taking in lots of protein and green tea. She also does her best to stay away from alcohol. She feels her sexiest features are her eyes and hair, and does her very best to maintain them by using only the best products, and never wearing fake eyelashes or hair extensions. Sydney also has two small jewel piercings on her lower back, which add to her overall sexiness.


As far as personal interests go, Sydney is extremely interested in the psychology behind advertising. She is particularly interested in subliminal advertising, and says she would love to be an advertising consultant one day (hoping that it could somehow overlap with her modeling as well). So far, Sydney's modeling resume is small, having only done some modeling shoots and been featured in Glam Jam magazine. She is repped by Shatter Proof Models. 

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Sydney  Maler photo Model <p>Sydney Maler is an American model. She is also a Hooters girl.<span>&nbsp;</span></p>
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