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Sophie Horn is a British babe and 4-handicap golfer, as well as a model. She has been called “The World’s Sexiest Golfer.”

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Sophie Horn has been golfing, she said, for as long as she can remember. She was crowned Norfolk County Champion three years in a row, and at the age of 15, won the Under-21 title. She is also the winner of the Midlands Championship, and she went on to become Champion of Champions in 2001.


Her golf hero is Tiger Woods. “He completely changed the game and watching him play truly inspired me to get out there and improve.”


In 2005, Sophie Horn became The Golf Nurse for “Golf Punk Magazine,” in which she contributed articles and advice. She said about 70% of her fans are in the United States, and she hopes to make golf more accessible and more fun.


In 2007, Sophie Horn was a co-presenter for “Show Me The Golf” for Setanta, as well as “The Golf Show Pilot” for Sky Sports Online.


Aside from golfing, Sophie Horn is also a personal trainer and was a finalist in the “Maximuscle Body of 2009” competition. She has also appeared in “Sport Magazine” and “Sports Illustrated.” After her appearance in “Sports Illustrated,” she became the most searched name on Google for two days.


In 2010, Sophie Horn was voted Sexiest Golfer. In 2011, she became “GQ Magazine’s” resident golf expert. She also has a 2012 calendar.


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Sophie Horn stays in shape with a combination of weights and cardio. “I run four to five miles. This kind of distance replicates how far I might walk during a round of golf.”


Regarding golf and boobs, she said, “If I don’t wear a sports bra there’s a danger of them knocking the club out of my hand.” When asked about the clothing restrictions, she said, “the rules…should be relaxed” so that female golfers would be on par sexually with beach volley ballers or tennis players. She’d also rather date a man who was bad at golf than a man who didn’t play golf at all.


Sophie Horn resides in London, England.

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Sophie  Horn photo Golfer/model/personal trainer <p>Sophie Horn is a British babe and 4-handicap golfer, as well as a model. She has been called &ldquo;The World&rsquo;s Sexiest Golfer.&rdquo;</p>
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