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She has Swiss, Italian and Austrian ancestry. She has two younger siblings, Nicolas and Kassidy. Sheridyn attended Narara Valley High School in North Gosford, Australia and Lisarow High School in Lisarow, Australia.

Sheridyn Fisher began modeling at the age of 15, after being approached by a talent scout. "I thought it was a prank as I was never popular growing up! I ended up trying it out and then entered into some model search competitions" ( Sheridyn has appeared in a variety of magazines, including Fast Fours, AutoSalon, Hot 4's, Ralph, FHM Australia, Zoo Weekly and many more.

Sheridyn Fisher has won Miss Rally Australia and the International Face of 2005. She has travelled all over Australia and describes her journey as "exhilarating," "overwhelming," and "a once in a life time opportunity that I am so grateful for" (

Sheridyn is also a spokesperson for a variety of companies, including Von Zipper, Milwaukee Tools, Vamp Bikin's and more. Most people, however, probably know Sheridyn as the winner of the Playboy Swimwear Australia competition. Her photographs were selected ahead of 600 other entrants. Sheridyn said, "Just to be a part of's such a classy magazine and has featured the best of the best.if I can be part of that.I am so excited" (

Aside from modeling, Sheridyn has two pet ferrets. She loves traveling, boxing, dirt bike riding and playing soccer. She also enjoys mediating. She also collects "Alien," "Predator" and "Terminator" memorabilia. Sheridyn has said, "None of my girlfriends like sci-fi, so I find it hard to mix with girls sometimes. I'd prefer to have a movie marathon at home then go to the club.. when I have kids I'm going to call my daughter Sigourney."

In 2010, Sheridyn Fisher became the official ambassador for "Mafia II." Her involvement highlights the agreement between 2K Games and Playboy magazine to use 50 of their vintage covers and Centerfolds in "Mafia II" as part of the in-game collectibles integration. Sheridyn Fisher has said of becoming ambassador, "I am a tomboy and love playing games."

Sheridyn Fisher also built her own companies, Swan Productions and Sheridyn Fisher Swimwear.

Some of Sheridyn's turn-ons include a sense of humor, someone interesting, spontaneous, goofy, and punk boys. Her turn-offs include "up on themselves Rod Boys (eww!)"

Sheridyn Fisher owns a Husky named Kendra and a Rottweiler called Predator, based on her favorite movie of the same name.

Sheridyn Fisher travels a lot, but lives in Australia.

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Sheridyn  Fisher photo Model Sheridyn Fisher is an Australian fashion, swimsuit and glamour model.
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