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September Carrino is an adult model known for her large, all-natural breasts. She appeared on PinupFiles in 2008 and was featured in Playboy’s College Girls. Her measurements are 32JJ-26-34 and she weighs around 120 lbs.

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In school, September Carrino wanted to be a star and participated in talent shows and school plays. "I loved being the center of attention." She said she got teased a lot about her first name September, rather than having large breasts. (Weird.)


As a teen, September Carrino said she was mostly the “tomboy, rocker chic…I didn’t do much dating until after high school.” She got into Playboy and modeling after her boyfriend suggested she attend an open casting call. Her nipples are pierced; “I love them; they’re so sensitive, I’m ready to go. It feels so good.”


As for having fun, she said, “I don’t have fun.” She’s a homebody: she watches movies and she cooks. If she went on a date, she said she wouldn’t go out with the guy, they would stay and eat in. She rarely goes out, “like once a month now, if that….”


In her downtime, September Carrino likes to sleep. “Other than that, I take my dog out, and hang out a local parks and read.” In men, she likes wit, good conversation, humor and looks. “They have to have goals, [their] head on straight, and not be a bum.” She generally only dates older men.


September Carrino described herself as a little reserved; when she goes out, she wears long sleeves and doesn’t show off her boobs. But she would lay out on the beach topless. “I don’t like tan-lines.”


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September Carrino admitted she likes vibrators. She’s also never had sex in public, “but it’s on my list.” She thinks her best physical attributes are her boobs. “I think that’s what got me here.” She hasn’t had a threesome, but “someday it’s something I’d like to experience.” She added that girls are better kissers. She would like to be married and have a family down the line.


A bit of trivia: her favorite vacation spot is Lake Tahoe. Her favorite food is pasta; favorite music is classic hard rock. And her pet peeve is other people’s driving.


September Carrino is currently single and she resides in Sacramento, California.

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September  Carrino photo Adult model <p>September Carrino is an adult model known for her large, all-natural breasts. She appeared on PinupFiles in 2008 and was featured in <em>Playboy&rsquo;s College Girls</em>. Her measurements are 32JJ-26-34 and she weighs around 120 lbs.</p>
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September Carrino photo September Carrino photo