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Sammy Braddy (aka Samantha Braddy) is a British glamour model who has posed for such magazines as Zoo, Nuts, Maxim, Loaded, Perfect 10 and FHM. She earned the title of Sexiest Lady in the World by Zoo, beating FHM’s Top 100 two-time winner Cheryl Cole.

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Her measurements are 32GG-25-35. She has won Britain’s Best Boobs 2010 and Greatest Ever Glamour Model 2013.


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Sammy Braddy was 15 when she won a dance competition dressed as a cheerleader. She said before she modeled, “Not one boyfriend ever complimented me on them – or even acknowledged my boobs!”  She added, “I absolutely love my boobs, although that wasn’t always the case. Before I started modeling, I found them to be a disadvantage at times because they are so big and would get in the way…it can be difficult to dress and not look slutty.


What Sammy Braddy loves most about glamour modeling is “travelling to lots of amazing places and meeting great people along the way. It’s a great way to top up my tan regularly.” As for her boobs, she said, “Big. Round. Pert. The Best!” When she began modeling in 2006, her bra size was 32E, but she was experiencing rapid breast growth, and she was later measured at 30G. By 2011, she was 32GG.


As for her changing hair color, Sammy Braddy said, “I have fun with every color. But as a brunette now (I think I’m sticking to it) I should say that [has been the most fun].”


As for being approached by men, Sammy Braddy said, “You won’t believe this, but no one ever comes up to me when I’m out! I usually get whispers behind my back, but no one actually says anything, not even hello.”


A bit of trivia: she has special “first date” underwear, and she once broke a steel bed during a sexual encounter. As for her naughty secret, she said, “My naughty secrets are so bad, my Mum would pack me off to a nunnery.”


Aside from modeling, she enjoys comedy, laughter, and family. She also draws. “Drawing female bodies is a beautiful thing and it’s really interesting. But I also draw men. I’ve only had a bad experience during a class. An old man was bending over in front of me and I got an eyeful. That was gross!”


She was rumored to have quit the business and she said, “I’ll miss people shouting ‘Show us your boobs’ from across the street!”


Sammy Braddy resides in the UK.

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Sammy  Braddy photo Glamour model <p>Sammy Braddy (aka Samantha Braddy) is a British glamour model who has posed for such magazines as<em> Zoo</em>, <em>Nuts</em>, <em>Maxim</em>, <em>Loaded</em>, <em>Perfect 10</em> and <em>FHM</em>. She earned the title of Sexiest Lady in the World by <em>Zoo</em>, beating <em>FHM</em>&rsquo;s Top 100 two-time winner Cheryl Cole.</p>
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Sammy Braddy photo Sammy Braddy photo