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Raylene Bartolacci is a certified nutritionist and wellness consultant. She's Mandatory-worthy due to her hot blog and Instagram shots.

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Raylene Bartolacci's measurements are 32-22-32. Per her blog, she was raised on the East Coast in a loving and demonstrative Italian-American family where eating and cooking were paramount. Cooking is one of her favorite activities. Thus, it's no surprise that she believes in the adage that a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.


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Raylene was a competitive figure skater for about 13 years, and she made a habit of staying active. But when she wasn’t on the ice, she was riding her “pink 4-wheeler” or putting on variety shows for her family. 


She later graduated from the University of Miami where she majored in both Broadcasting and Theatre Arts, spending a lot time with her university’s television station. With her experience, she began interning for Miami’s Fox affiliate and learned more of the ropes, covering events from fantasy sports to gaming and the red carpet.


Deciding that her destiny lay elsewhere, Raylene Bartolacci moved to Los Angeles and has devoted her life to health and wellness. She also lives with her two puppies.


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Her blog covers topics like "Trendy Diets v. Heath Restrictions" and “Train Your Brain,” among other helpful posts. She said questions like “how do I get abs like yours?” make her blush. She “is not afraid to try anything, anywhere” and “wears here heart on sleeve.”


Per the Morning Call website, she was a beauty pageant contestant for the Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2002 Pageant in the age 18-26 range.

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Raylene  Bartolacci photo Host/Model/Actress <p>Raylene Bartolacci is a certified nutritionist and wellness consultant. She&#39;s Mandatory-worthy due to her hot blog and Instagram shots.</p>
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