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Priya Anjali Rai aka Priya Rai is an Indian-American former adult actress and model. Her birth name is Anjeli Sipe.

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Though Priya Rai was born in India, her biological parents abandoned her at birth. She moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota when she was two years old after being adopted by American parents. She attended Arizona State University and studied marketing. She dropped out to become an adult model and her parents were supportive of the decision.


Prior to becoming an adult actress, Priya worked as an exotic dancer. She then became a soft-core glamour model who specialized in lingerie and swimwear shots. In 2007, at the age of 29, she entered the adult industry. “One day I just decided that I wasn’t getting any younger and if I ever wanted to do it, that was the time. So I did!”


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Her measurements are 34F-25-35. She thought her Indian looks differentiated her from the rest of her porn peers. “The porn industry has thousands of blonde women so it’s just nice to be a darker-skinned woman. But the disadvantage is that it’s kind of hard for an ethnic dark-skinned woman to get on the A-list.”


She thinks there is a dearth of Indian women in porn because of “how traditionally Indian women are brought up. Obviously I was raised Americanized, so I don’t understand the strictness I guess.”


Complex magazine ranked her #32 in their “50 Prettiest Porn Stars of All Time.”


In 2008, it was reported that she began escorting. Priya Rai also has the ability to “squirt.” She added, “Sometimes a guy will get a little bothered with how wet it gets things. I usually don’t bother with those guys a second time.” She said the craziest thing she has ever done is “become a pornstar!”


As to sex, “I just love to suck. I feel so powerful when I’m doing it. I know that the guy is completely at the mercy of my mouth and I am the one creating that pleasure for him. It’s an incredibly sexy feeling.”


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As to her boobs, Priya said, “The attention is a lot of fun and all of the bouncing during sex is a real turn on.”


She announced her retirement from porn in June 2013 in order to focus on her personal life and her burgeoning mainstream career. She is reportedly acting in a Bollywood horror movie. She said she had no regrets performing in the industry.


Priya Rai is the mother of two children and resides in Phoenix, Arizona. She is rumored to be engaged to a businessman not involved in the adult industry.

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Priya  Rai photo Adult actress/model <p>Priya Anjali Rai aka Priya Rai is an Indian-American former adult actress and model. Her birth name is Anjeli Sipe.</p>
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