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Peta Todd is a former Page 3 glamour model. She is probably best known for her all-natural 32G breasts.

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Peta (pronounced like Peter) Todd described herself on Twitter as “Lanky. Yes. Mum. Yes. Talk too much. Yes. Help for Heroes Patron. Yes. Boys name. Yes.”


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Peta Todd became a glamour model when she was 17. She was so popular, she was voted The Sun’s fourth-best Page 3 girl of all time. She said, “Some fans put out pictures for me to sign that I didn’t even know existed!” Aside from The Sun, she has also appeared in Zoo, FHM and Nuts magazines.


Over the years, her breasts have increased in size, from a 28F in 2004 to March 2010 with a 32G, probably due to her pregnancy.


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Though hot and busty, she is a self-confessed geek.


In 2008, she raised money for the charity Help for Heroes by riding 400 miles in 5 days, and then auctioning her bike and cycling shorts. In 2009, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with injured servicemen to help raise more money for Help for Heroes.


In 2010, Peta Todd appeared on a British news program and debated the merits of Page Three.


Engaged, her partner is Mark Cavendish, a professional road-racing cyclist. She has a child from him, Delilah Grace, and a baby, Finnbar, born in 2006, from a previous relationship. They met in America, and later they looked each other up on-line. “It’s a strange situation to be in when you can Google one another. You can find out about anything online – ex-girlfriends, what they’ve said, when they’ve lost their temper. I think he got more from the web, in the sense that I’m a Page 3 girl.”


Aside from modeling, she has been a DJ on Absolute Radio. Peta Todd resides in London, England.

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Peta  Todd photo Glamour model <p>Peta Todd is a former Page 3 glamour model. She is probably best known for her all-natural 32G breasts.</p>
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