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Pamela Carolina David Gutierrez, or as she’s better known, Pamela David, is an Argentine model. Though she’s appeared on the reality show “El BarTV2m,” she probably best known for simply being smokin’ hot.

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Pamela David's nicknames are Conchu and Pame. Her bra size is 36D and her breasts are enhanced. Her height is sometimes listed as 5’ 5” or 5’ 9”, depending on the source. Same with her eyes: some sources list them as green; others, blue.


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Growing up, Pamela David appeared in beauty contests and won the regional title of “Tourism Queen,” and later the “National Queen of Tourism in Argentina.” She attended college in Buenos Aires, but she dropped out to pursue her passion of modeling.


She shot to fame in 2001 after appearing on the TV show “El Bar.” With her new recognition, she landed on the cover of the Argentinean edition of “Playboy.”


In 2005, she visited the Chilean TV show “Noche de Juegoes” wearing a transparent black dress. And in 2006, she had a boob slip during a football game when she was cheering on an Argentine team.


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Aside from modeling, Pamela David was also the Latin voice for Pamela Anderson’s animated character “Stripperella.”


She's considered a WAG as she was married to the basketball player Bruno Labaque. Pamela David is a MILF now, as she gave birth first to a son, in 2007, and later a girl, Lola Vila, in 2012. She is not active on social media.

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Pamela  David photo Model/actress <p>Pamela Carolina David Gutierrez, or as she&rsquo;s better known, Pamela David, is an Argentine model. Though she&rsquo;s appeared on the reality show &ldquo;El BarTV2m,&rdquo; she probably best known for simply being smokin&rsquo; hot.</p>
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Pamela David D.O.B.1978-10-06 AGE 37 HOMETOWN Cordoba, Argentina CURRENT TOWN Argentina HEIGHT 5' 9" HAIR COLOR darkhaired EYE COLOR blue ETHNICITY Latina JOB Model/actress MARITAL STATUS Divorced RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
Pamela David photo Pamela David photo