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Pam Rodriguez was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

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She is half Puerto Rican and Guatemalan. Pam Rodriguez speaks fluent Spanish and English.

Her modeling career began in 2003 when she was approached to be in the Hawaiian Tropics pageant. She has been featured in major magazines, including Show Magazine and the cover of Open Your Eyes issue 46 in 2008. She has booked jobs from print, hosting, tradeshows and bikini contests.

Pam Rodriquez also has her own bikini swimwear line called Pure Rodri. She states that a website will be forthcoming.

In her own words, Pam Rodriquez said, "I love playing poker.volleyball, listening to my IPod, collecting Hot wheel cars, playing video games and addicted to my sidekick and of course reading/replying to my website emails."

Per her stats on, Pam Rodriguez weighs 115 lbs. and wears a C cup. She is available for photo-shoots, but will not do nudes.


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In an interview with Open Your Eyes, she says her acting career is upcoming. "I am going to be taking acting classes and also concentrate on doing it fulltime. That's my future." Pam also thinks being "Puerto-malan" is a good ethnic combination. "I think that I get the best of both worlds. I get to understand Puerto Rican traditions, food and the way they talk as well as the culture of Guatemala, the way they eat, speak and communicate. Even the word Latino is different in the two cultures. It's a great combination for me because I get to live more."

Tidbits of trivia include that her favorite car is a Lexus IS 250, though it's not her dream car. "It is my favorite car because I have seen it at shows with body kits and rims. Out of all the cars, that is my favorite. However, my dream car would be the McLaren Mercedes."

Pam Rodriguez adds that she is definitely a dog person "because I just like them. I like the fact that you can walk them and play with them a little more versus cats who are more like homebodies and like to be by themselves."

Regarding guilty pleasures, Pam Rodriguez says, "I eat a lot of junk food. That is my number one guilty pleasure." As far as sexually, "I definitely like to be kinky. And I like to do things that pretty much everybody would say, 'Oh I can't do this because it's in public.' I like to do some things in a kinky way." Asked if she could have sex anywhere, Pam said, "That's a good one. Somewhere different but I've probably already done it.[like] New Year's in a hammock, while watching fireworks and drinking."

When asked to rank herself in the "Women with the Best Booty," Pam Rodriguez said, "If I were to rank myself, judging from what [guys] tell me, I would have to say a 10" (


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