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Natasha Kizmet is a Uzbekistan-born model known for her large breasts and her starring role in the cult film “Stripper: Natasha Kizmet.”

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Her measurements are 34-27-34 with an E cup and she weighs 110 lbs. She has had breast implants. A nickname she has had is “Miss Wow!” Natasha Kizmet described herself on Twitter in 2013 as “Sexy, funny and talented! Model/professional dancer/actress/blogger.”


When she was eight years old, Natasha Kizmet thought she would grow up to be an actress.


She wrote and starred in the cult film “Stripper: Natasha Kizmet,” in which a girl from Uzbekistan comes to America and encounters sex addicts, lonely men, rap stars, preachers, web masters and strippers. She landed the film after producer Michael Drumm saw her skill at improvisational interviewing and asked, “Why don’t we make a movie about you?” She said about 70% of the movie was based on her real life.


In an interview, Natasha Kizmet said her greatest weakness is the third bottle of champagne on a first date. And if she were a Bond girl, her name would be “Natasha Kizmet! I am standing by!” Food that turns her on are “Oysters – not Rocky Mountain ones!” She said about having her large breasts: “It helps my balance when I wear really high heeled shoes, and it really helps to fill out a 34E underwire laced bra!” She added that she cried when she got her US citizenship.


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Natasha Kizmet said, “Please try not to stare at my nipples – they are always hard, and show through almost any bra!” She described sex as “Four legs under a blanket. If it has more than four legs, it is group sex!” She lets people know she’s feeling frisky when she pats their butt.


Natasha Kizmet doesn’t like flying unless she has access to multiple cocktails. And she is surprisingly obsessive about her closet: “It should be all in order, and clean.”


Natasha Kizmet said, “I will never understand why men masturbate when they have a hot woman.” Her secret weapon is Chanel No. 5, and she can’t imagine having a lesbian lover. Natasha added, “grown men should not have brown spots in their underwear, even though most do” (


Natasha Kizmet lives in Denver, Colorado.

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Natasha  Kizmet photo Model <p>Natasha Kizmet is a Uzbekistan-born model known for her large breasts and her starring role in the cult film &ldquo;Stripper: Natasha Kizmet.&rdquo;</p>
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Natasha Kizmet D.O.B.1980-12-19 AGE 35 HOMETOWN Tashkent, Uzbekistan CURRENT TOWN Denver, Colorado HEIGHT 5' 5" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model MARITAL STATUS RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
Natasha Kizmet photo Natasha Kizmet photo