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Nabilla Benattia is a French model and reality TV star and is sometimes referred to as the “French Kim Kardashian.”

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Nabilla Benattia described herself on Twitter as simply, “sea, sex, sun….” She also has almost 200,000 followers on her Instagram. Her gorgeous looks come from a mix of Algerian and Italian ancestry. 


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When she was 13, her parents separated. She blossomed into a young stunner and landed a modeling agency when she was 15, and was then elected Miss Alon International de ‘automobile de Geneve 2011.


Nabilla Benattia appreared on a French reality show in which participants met completely in the dark. She followed it up with other French TV shows, including “Angels of Reality,” which followed famous reality stars in their pursuit to become famous worldwide. She’s also appeared in a music video with Chris Brown. Her aspiriation is to become a huge glamour model.


She is not without controversy. Between 2008 and 2009 Nabilla Benattia was an accomplice in a scam to open bank accounts using stolen passports with the intent to steal money. She was caught and arrested in 2009 and charged with fraud. She spent a month in a youth detention center for her participation.


In 2013, Nabilla had a nipple-slip during the NRJ press conference at the Musee quai Branly in Paris that went viral.


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Nabilla Benattia is also known for her French catchphrase “Allo! Non mais allo quio!” Roughly translated, it means “Hello? Like, are you serious? Wake up!”


She has a tattoo on the back of her right leg. She splits her time between Paris and Miami, Florida.

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Nabilla  Benattia photo Model/Reality TV personality <p>Nabilla Benattia is a French model and reality TV star and is sometimes referred to as the &ldquo;French Kim Kardashian.&rdquo;</p>
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Nabilla Benattia photo Nabilla Benattia photo