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Mya Jane is a glamour model who is a mix of Puerto Rican and Italian ancestry.

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Her measurements are 36DD-26-40. Though she was born in Parkridge, Illinois she grew up in Crystal Lake, Illinois. She later relocated to San Pedro, California.


Mya Jane has appeared on a variety of internet sites, as well as Black Men’s, Show and Lowrider magazine. Her nicknames are “Barbie” or “Miss Boss.”


In high school, Mya was a cheerleader and also voted “most talented in high school.”


Her athletic ability is that she’s “flexible in all areas!”


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Per her listing, Mya Jane said she was a “pretty simple, old fashioned romantic girl with an inner ‘Barbie Doll’ that is very independent with a great sense of humor.”


She lives by the rule of doing what she wants as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.


She had her first kiss when she was 10. “I was walking down the street holding hands with my crush and when he said bye, he pecked me on the lips. I was flattered, my cheeks even turned red. Aw, I miss those innocent days….”


Her favorite sport is basketball, and in 2010 her favorite movie was “Sister Act 2.” “That’s a real Whoopi Goldberg classic.”


Mya Jane would like people to be “attracted to my mind and the way I think, inner beauty I should say. Because I have a very big heart.” She described herself as a “unique, fun individual who always tells the truth, even if it hurts…”


The three things she can’t live without are “my family, liquor and sex.” She said a guy could get her attention by staring “in her direction and eye me down like he knows how to handle a real woman.” She thinks her best feature is her breasts.


The woman Mya would sleep with if she had to is Selma Hayek.


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As of 2010, she said she had not had a one-night stand. Though she did lose her virginity to a frat boy.


The biggest misconception about her is that “people think that all I do is care about myself, but I really have the biggest heart and I’m very family-oriented. I love that everyone loves me.”


Her fetish is “when a guy knows how to take control and knows how to really please the woman…”


One of her obsession is “looking at myself in the mirror.”


Mya Jane lives in Southern California.

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Mya  Jane photo Model <p>Mya Jane is a glamour model who is a mix of Puerto Rican and Italian ancestry.</p>
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Mya Jane D.O.B.1986-10-15 AGE 29 HOMETOWN Parkridge CURRENT TOWN North Hollywood, CA HEIGHT 5' 7" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY Hispanic JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
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