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Michelle Yvonne Hunziker is a Swiss-Italian actress, model, singer and TV host. She is known, loosely translated into English, as the woman with “Italy’s most beautiful buttocks.” 

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Michelle Hunziker speaks five languages: German, English, Italian, Dutch and French. “That gave me a lot of confidence.”


She is a mix of Dutch, German and Swiss ancestry. Growing up, she wanted to be an interpreter. “My life was pre-planned. And then my mother fell in love with an Italian, and I had to start from scratch…because the Swiss degree in Italy did not count.”


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When Michelle Hunziker was 17, she left Switzerland and went to Italy, where she was chosen by Riccardo Gay for his campaign “Roberta Underwear.” She succeeded in modeling even though she was deemed too heavy and too short.


After a few years of modeling, she segued into television and appeared in the Italian mini-series “La Forza dell-amore.”


Michelle is a presenter for Italian and German television. She has hosted “Zelig,” “World Idol” (a competition between the world’s "Idol" winners) and Germany’s version of “American Idol.”


She has also appeared in international editions of GQ and Maxim.


In 2006, Michelle Hunziker released an English music album called “Lole” that was only available in German-speaking countries. She later starred in musicals in Italy, namely “The Sound of Music” as Maria von Trapp and “Cabaret.”


She has a tattoo of barbwire on her upper right arm. Notably, when she hosted the 2007 edition of “Festival di Sanremo,” she was sent 500 red roses by Italian soccer player Antonio Cassano.


Michelle has a child, Aurora Hunziker-Ramazzotti, whom she gave birth at 19, from her relationship with Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti. They were married in 1998 but divorced in 2005.


Michelle Hunzier resides in Italy.

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Michelle  Hunziker photo Model/actress/singer <p>Michelle Yvonne Hunziker is a Swiss-Italian actress, model, singer and TV host. She is known, loosely translated into English, as the woman with &ldquo;Italy&rsquo;s most beautiful buttocks.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p>
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Michelle Hunziker photo Michelle Hunziker photo