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Meghan Hardin is an American pro golfer. She participated on Golf Channel's 2012 "Big Break Atlantis." 

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Meghan Hardin was born in Long Beach, California on July 21, 1992, but grew up in Lake Arrowhead. Her whole life, she was taught the game of golf. However, it wasn't until the age of thirteen years old that she played her first full 18 holes.


As a middle schooler, Meghan asked her mother if she could be home schooled, as she didn't feel she fit in with the other kids. However, this bout of shyness didn't last, and by the time she was ready for high school, she attended the Rim of the World High school in her hometown. Although asking to be schooled at home at such a young age may make Meghan seem a little introverted, once she got the knack of high school, she was quite the opposite. Discovering she was quite the athlete, she went on to no only become captain of both her high school cheerleading squad and men's varsity golf team, but also class president. And that would just be naming off a few of her many skills.


Eventually, although a big fan of tennis, Meghan finally decided to focus her efforts on golf. By her senior year, Meghan had already competed in several SCPGA Junior Tournaments, finishing second place in many, but never first. It was then that she decided to really focus on her chosen sport. After getting into California State University of San Marcos and playing golf there for a year, she transferred to Palomar College where her team went 70-4 and eventually went on to win the California State Championship. She has since went on to compete on Golf Channel's 2012 "Big Break Atlantis," as well as won her first professional Grasshopper Tour championship in 2012. 

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Meghan  Hardin photo Golfer <p><span style="font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif">Meghan Hardin is an American pro golfer. She participated on Golf Channel&#39;s 2012 &quot;Big Break Atlantis.&quot;<span>&nbsp;</span></span></p>
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Meghan Hardin D.O.B.1992-07-21 AGE 24 HOMETOWN Long Beach CURRENT TOWN La Quinta, California HEIGHT 5' 5" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR blue ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Golfer MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
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