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Martha Hunt is a Victoria’s Secret model born in Wilson, North Carolina in 1989. During the Winter/Spring 2013 season she was proclaimed one of the hottest “newcomers.” 

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Martha Hunt is from a small tobacco town. She won a model search contest in North Carolina when she was still in high school. Once she graduated, she moved to New York to give it a shot ( Her measurements are 34-25-34.5.


She is represented by IMG and has appeared in a variety of fashion shows for such houses as Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Acne, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, and H&M. She has appeared in editorials for Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Marie Claire and Chinese Vogue, among others.


In an interview with Vogue, Martha Hunt described her style as “eclectic, masculine, feminine, street, easy.” The favorite part of modeling for her is the acting aspect. “I like to transform into different characters on shoots and on the runway.” She added “I am often told I don’t look American until I open my mouth. It’s amazing how the American girl’s features vary so much because we come from different backgrounds.”


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Her most memorable modeling moment was walking in a Prada show. “I didn’t believe it was happening until I stepped on the runway.” Her most embarrassing moment was “shooting in a bikini in a predominantly Muslim country – awkward!”


Martha Hunt stays in shape by doing yoga, as well as cycling and swimming. She also takes vitamins, drinks lots of water, and tries to fit in a massage.


If she weren’t a model, Martha Hunt would love to be a movie director. “I think film is the best medium to inspire people. It’s a combination of image, dialogue, and music, which can make for a powerful message or a simple escape.”


She said the one item in her closet that she cherishes most is “my bohemian 1930s dress because it fits perfectly and is one of a kind.”


The items that she always keeps in her purse are her phone, headphones, and lip balm and she cannot live with moisturizer.


The best advice she’s ever been given was “stop caring about what everybody thinks.” Martha Hunt thinks the most attractive quality in a boyfriend or girlfriend is a “witty sense of humor” and she loves positive energy from her friends.


Martha Hunt wishes she could sing. She admits, too, that the CIA and life on other planets fascinate her. Finally, the words she lives by are “trust your instincts.”


Martha Hunt lives in New York City. Also check out, the 30 Hottest Women from New York.

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Martha  Hunt photo Model <p>Martha Hunt is a <a href="" target="_blank">Victoria&rsquo;s Secret</a> model born in Wilson, North Carolina in 1989.&nbsp;During the Winter/Spring 2013 season she was proclaimed one of the hottest &ldquo;newcomers.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p>
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