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Madison Ivy (born Clorisa Briggs) is an American adult actress. In 2012, she was nominated for an AVN Award for Best Tease Performance. 

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    Though born in Germany, Madison Ivy was raised in Texas, where she was homeschooled. She later moved to Sacramento, California. She worked laying tile, as a mechanic at a bowling alley, and for the fast food In-N-Out Burger. (Insert your own joke here, folks.)


    Standing only 4’ 11”, Madison Ivy weighs 88 pounds and her measurements are 34B-24-32. Apparently, her trademark position is having sex while her legs are behind her head.


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    She wrote on Twitter: “Stoner True & Blue, longing 2 explore finding joy in inspiring literature, art, culture & smokables.” On Instagram, she wrote: “I’m just a blazed gamer artist, who enjoys the 6 B’s in life, blunts, buttholes, beers, books, boys and bubble baths.”


    Madison Ivy started in the adult business as an exotic dancer. She later met Aurora Snow who gave Madison the contacts to start a career in porn. “None of the girls were going over to talk to her so I just went over and told her I wanted to do porn and she gave me some numbers.”


    Madison Ivy made her debut in the adult biz in 2007. She said when she first began, “They pretty much tell you who you’re going to have sex with and you go there and it’s like kind of a surprise what you get sometimes. It’s a little scary at first becase it’s like, ‘I don’t know this person,’ or anything about them and you can’t even remember their names but it’s a lot of fun. Usually the guys are really nice…but I’ve heard that some guys are really rude” (


    In 2009, she had breast implants and went from a C to a D. Sexually, Madison Ivy said she is very kinky. “I’m into bondage. I like being manhandled and tossed around a little bit, pull the hair, spanking…it’s  a lot of fun. And in public.”


    She said, “I want to do this for a while and I want to be one of the best. I’m not going to do it half ass. I’m going to work hard and some day I want to pose for Playboy but they say that because I’m doing porn that they won’t use me. Not a big deal.”


    She also works as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. Madison Ivy lives with her girlfriend and porn colleague Heather Starlet.

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    Madison Ivy
    Madison  Ivy photo Adult actress/model

    Madison Ivy (born Clorisa Briggs) is an American adult actress. In 2012, she was nominated for an AVN Award for Best Tease Performance. 

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    Madison Ivy D.O.B.1989-06-16 AGE 25 HOMETOWN Bayern, Germany CURRENT TOWN California HEIGHT 4' 11" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR blue ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Adult actress/model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES Heather Starlet
    Madison  Ivy photo Madison  Ivy photo