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Former Playboy Playmate Lisa Dergan is married to outfielder Scott Podsednik of the Boston Red Sox. She was born on August 10th, 1970 in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

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Although born in Texas, her family shortly moved to Hawaii before making a permanent home of San Diego, California. Prior to her modeling career, Lisa’s mother introduced her to the sport of golf, which she immediately fell in love with. She still plays to this day.


During high school, Lisa kept herself busy with cheerleading and working for the school paper. She attended college at San Diego University, where she majored in interior design. This came in handy as she was working at Chili’s restaurant at the same time as their interior decorator. She eventually was asked to design the look for all the Chili’s restaurants in the West.


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While still in college, Lisa was approached by a modeling scout interested in her look. And with looks like hers, it’s no wonder that her career took off. Eventually she moved to Los Angeles to model for Wilhelmina Models. Through her modeling, she eventually caught the eye of Playboy Magazine.


At first, Lisa was asked only to model for the magazine’s “What Sort of Man Reads Playboy” ads, but she was so sexy that she was then asked to shoot some centerfolds. It wasn’t long until she was an official Playmate, taking the title of Miss July in 1998.


Playboy only opened more doors for Lisa. Along with guest roles on TV shows such as “Silk Stalkings” and “Frasier,” Lisa caught her biggest break outside of the modeling world when asked to work a weekend sports show alongside Jim Hill on KCBS Los Angeles. This led to joining FOX Sports Net in 2002, where she interviewed numerous famous sports stars and reported from such major events as the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the U.S. Open. She also went on to co-host series such as the game show “Smush” on USA and the wedding reality competition series “Race to the Altar.” She was also named the face of St. Pauli Girl in 2003.


Lisa’s most famous suitor would have to be American filmmaker Michael Bay, whom she dated for almost 10 years. She married MLB outfielder Scott Podsednik on February 4th, 2006, changing her name to Lisa Dergan Podsednik. The two have been married ever since.

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Lisa  Dergan photo Model, Actress <p>Former Playboy Playmate Lisa Dergan is married to outfielder Scott Podsednik of the Boston Red Sox. She was born on August 10<sup>th</sup>, 1970 in Corpus Christi, Texas.<span>&nbsp;</span></p>
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Lisa Dergan D.O.B.1970-08-10 AGE 46 HOMETOWN Corpus Christi CURRENT TOWN Boston, MA HEIGHT 5' 8.5" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR blue ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model, Actress MARITAL STATUS Married to Scott Podsednik RELATED CELEBRITIES Dated Michael Bay/span>
Lisa Dergan photo Lisa Dergan photo