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Born in San Diego on June 12, 1985, Kendra Leigh Baskett, aka Kendra Wilkinson is best known as being one of Hugh Hefner's previous girlfriends. Read More


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From that position, she was able to launch herself into becoming a television personality and model. Though never a Playboy Playmate, Kendra appeared in three nude pictorials with her "Girls Next Door" co-stars and co-girlfriends Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison.

Kendra is a mix of Irish, Ukrainian and English ancestry. She has called her mom "my best friend and the most important person in my life. I have more respect for her than I can even put into words and I don't know where I would be without her."

As a kid, Kendra was raised in Clairemont and played softball for six years. She attended Clairemont High School and graduated in 2003. She told that she was kicked out of high school dances for her risqué moves. "I was like, the freaker of the dance floor." After graduation, she worked as a glamour model and worked in a dentist's office as an administrative assistant.

Kendra Wilkinson met Hugh Hefner at his 78th birthday party where she was hired as a "painted girl." The rest is history. She became Hefner's girlfriend and moved in and was featured on the E! reality series "The Girls Next Door." After she met Hank Baskett, she moved out of the Playboy Mansion and later filmed her spin-off show "Kendra."

Aside from reality shows, Kendra has appeared in "Las Vegas," "Entourage," "Scary Movie 4," "Dancing With the Stars," and music videos for Nickelback and Akon. In 2012, her new reality show "Kendra on Top" premiered on the WE TV network.

In 2009, Kendra married Hank Baskett at the Playboy Mansion. That same year, Kendra gave birth to their son, Hank Baskett IV. After giving birth, Kendra admitted that she hated everything about her body post-pregnancy. "My nose grew during pregnancy.I hate my teeth. I want everything changed!" On the George Lopez show, she said she would get a breast reduction because she felt too "top heavy" after giving birth.

In May 2010, a sex tape of Kendra leaked online. Sources reported that Wilkinson was paid $680,000 for the film that was made by her high school boyfriend Justin Frye when she was 18. Pictures of Kendra were also released of her pre-nose and pre-breast augmentation.

Kendra also wrote a memoir, "Sliding into Home," which detailed her life at the Playboy Mansion and her involvement with drugs, alcohol and stripping. "I've been through a lot and I've gotten through it. It's kind of easy to tell my story now that I'm through all that. I'm home. I'm safe. I'm where I've always wanted to be."

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Kendra  Wilkinson photo Model/Reality TV Star Born in San Diego on June 12, 1985, Kendra Leigh Baskett, aka Kendra Wilkinson is best known as being one of Hugh Hefner's previous girlfriends.
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Kendra Wilkinson D.O.B.1985-06-12 AGE 31 HOMETOWN San Diego CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles, CA HEIGHT 5' 4" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR blue ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model/Reality TV Star MARITAL STATUS Married to Hank Baskett RELATED CELEBRITIES Dated Shawne Merriman, Taryn Ryan, Justin Frye, and Hugh Hefner/span>
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