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Born on January 1, 1985 in Texas, statuesque brunette model, Kelly Thiebaud, is making waves with her appearances on several shows and films in Los Angeles. Read More


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In 2005, Kelly appeared in the role of Rebecca Moore for "Criminal Minds." In 2007, Kelly appeared on the NBC one-hour drama "Chuck," as Evelyn Shaw, Lady Agent. Kelly also had a part in 2009 on the mystery series, "Castle" playing the role of Chloe Graves.

In 2010, Kelly Thiebaud appeared in a multiple episodes of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," playing the part of Karlee.

In 2011, Kelly Thiebaud appeared in the "Hostel" horror trilogy, "Hostel: Part III" playing the role of "Amy," the fiancée of the lead character. Kelly Thiebaud said, "I'm only doing the beginning and the end [of the movie]. "They go off to their bachelor party and I'm not around, of course. So I'm not a part of any of the like, slaughtering or anything like that, until the end! Until the end, yeah.the I get to have a little fun, you know?" Appearing in a horror movie, Kelly Thiebaud said, "I don't get queasy. Blood doesn't bother me or like body parts being chopped off or anything like that. The psycho-thriller movies I get kind of freaked out about. I can't watch them by myself. But like blood, and gory stuff like that, I'm fine with." Kelly broke the on-set levity with a whoopie cushion. "I've been like cracking jokes with [director Scott Spiegel] with my whoopee cushion and everything like that" (

Kelly Thiebaud also appears on the soap opera "General Hospital" playing the role of Dr. Britt Westbourne. As she said on Twitter, "Just had 2 guy friends tell me they R now addicted 2 #General Hospital bcasue of me!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Smilin!"

Other appearances include a part on the set of "Grace Unplugged."

In 2012, Kelly Thiebaud appeared in McGregor Fashion's photo, a photo she shared on her Facebook wall.

Kelly Thiebaud has also appeared in a music video for David Guetta's "Baby When the Light." It's about a young girl who goes to the beach and dreams about befriending a handsome surfer. The video was filmed on a beach near Los Angeles, California.

Kelly Thiebaud is a self-professed tomboy but is scared of insects. She is also a New York Knicks fan. As for drinking, she tweeted, "I love tequila.I just need to learn when one is too many."

Kelly Thiebaud lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Kelly  Thiebaud photo Actress/model Born on January 1, 1985 in Texas, statuesque brunette model, Kelly Thiebaud, is making waves with her appearances on several shows and films in Los Angeles.
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